10 Essential Features a Web Hosting Company in Pakistan Should Offer (Part 1)

web hosting in pakistanWhile you are searching for best web hosting in Pakistan, you will encounter many companies and many offers. All these offers and features although seem promising but they are also confusing. Web hosting companies are prone to use hefty claims only to generate marketing hype. Then how can you separate a good hosting company from ordinary companies?

Here are few features you should look for during your search for a good provider of web hosting in Pakistan:

1- Control Panel

After getting web hosting, you have to handle your website, set up an email account, install web applications like WordPress, backup your websites and many other tasks. The most easiest way to do all these tasks without having any technical knowledge is to have a control panel. There are two most popular and easy to use control panels in the market: cPanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows. Both of these enable you to maintain your website without waiting for technical support. HostBreak offers both of these so you can do essential tasks of managing your website.

2- One-Click Setup

Many people are using web applications to build their websites as they offer special features for blogs, forums and ecommerce stores. These applications are simple to use and you can build your fully functional website in matter of hours. Installing these apps manually is a complicated and technical task. But a good company of web hosting in Pakistan like HostBreak offers 1-click setup installation for popular web applications. We provide Softaculous installer for installing apps like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and lot more.

3- Expert Customer Support

No matter how much technical knowledge you have, there comes a point when you need experts in that particular field. A good web hosting company has knowledgeable customer support which can answer your queries and resolve your issues and it should be available 24/7 via chats or phones. HostBreak knows the importance of expert customer support that is why we use different mediums like phone, Skype, live chat and email so your issues can be resolved without letting you wait.

4- Regular Data Backups

If you are not backing up your website, you are like majority of people who do not perform this task either. But, once your website has crashed there is no way to restore it. There are number of apps available which can be scheduled for performing this task but it is more reliable if it’s done by your web hosting company. If you choose to get web hosting service from HostBreak then there is no need to worry about. We provide regular backups for your website so you can rest assure you are in good hands.

5- Email Addresses

A good company of web hosting in Pakistan should allow you to have an email address attached to your site for example support@yourdomain.com. Web hosting companies offer email addresses with a certain limit, you need to know this limit. You also need to know how much space is allocated for your emails. We at HostBreak offers IMAP support, auto-responder, email aliases, built-in spam and virus protection.

HostBreak provides all of these features with shared, dedicated, reseller and VPS hosting. You can choose what type of hosting will suit your needs. In the next post”10 Essential Features a Web Hosting Company in Pakistan Should Offer (Part 2)“, we will discuss few more essential features your web hosting company should offer you.