10 Essential Features a Web Hosting Company in Pakistan Should Offer – Part 2

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In the previous post “10 Essential Features a Web Hosting Company in Pakistan Should Offer – Part 1”, we have explained to you few features which are indispensable for good web hosting service. A good company of web hosting in Pakistan should provide easy to use control panel, 1-click script installations, expert customer support, regular data backups and email addresses. This post is the second and the last in this series. We will discuss few more features which are essential:

6. FTP Access

Your website is combination of different files like content, video and audio and you need to upload all of these files on your hosting company server. Web hosting companies usually provide this uploading feature on their control panel but this is really time consuming as you have to upload one file at a time. The most simple way is to upload these through FTP as you can upload your files on your web host without any hassle. You can design your website on your computer and then upload it in a single unit via FTP. Maybe you don’t need it for now but eventually its absence will cause problems. HostBreak offers FTP so you can easily upload your files.

7. Refund Policy

You should clearly understand the money back guarantee and when the trial period will end. You also need to know if you will get full refund during the trial period or there is a cancellation fee. Find a web hosting company which offers 100% refund and charges no cancellation fee during the trial period.

8. Multiple Domains

Owning multiple domains is a business strategy for protecting brand name. Even, currently if you don’t have multiple domains, you probably will get in the future. Before you purchase any web hosting package, make sure they allow hosting of multiple domains. Mostly, you are allowed to host multiple domain names but small and cheap companies of web hosting in Pakistan will put a limitation on number of domains. Get web hosting for HostBreak and host unlimited domain names without any additional cost as this will save you from changing web hosting companies.

9. Server Upgrade Options

Your business and website needs will grow with time that means you will need more resources in the future. When you are using shared web hosting, basically you are sharing resources with other websites. Heavy traffic on one website will consume bandwidth of their server and negatively impact your website. So you need to upgrade your shared hosting package to either dedicated server hosting or VPS package. You should check with your web hosting provider if it allows this kind of upgrades. HostBreak offers hassle free upgrades so your business runs without any interruption.

10. Uptime Guarantee

Simply, you should not avail services of any web hosting company which is offering less than 99.5%. Now, globally companies are offering guaranteed 99.9% uptime so you should find a company with this guarantee. We offer 99.99% guaranteed uptime which means maximum availability to your customers.

Choosing a good company of web hosting in Pakistan takes time and you should be thorough in your search. Good web hosting services have a significant effect on the performance of your website so get web hosting from HostBreak and save yourself from troubles.