10 Reasons to Get Dedicated Server Hosting

10 reasons

Since the emergence of web hosting arena, dedicated server hosting has developed and improved its features and capabilities. Now this web hosting providers offers variety of attributed for businesses and individuals who need advanced forms of hosting for highly demanding websites. Dedicated servers are suitable for those websites which have to handle heavy traffic. But other than heavy traffic there are plenty of reasons to opt for dedicated hosting which are given below:

  1. Cost Factor: Although dedicated server hosting is costly than other web hosting solutions but it’s worth it as you will get a server which is productive, secure and reliable with all the resources only assigned to your website. Imagine the lose if your website is hosted on a shared server and constantly down making it not accessible to your customers. Dedicated hosting cost is much less than the lost you will bear.
  2. Your Goals: If your goals are to draw more traffic, readers or visitors to your website, this can only be handle by dedicated server hosting. Your website will become better by adding the ability to handle heavy traffic and more advanced softwares and web applications.
  3. More Control: You will have more control over delegating CPU and memory usage and you can also balance your server load according to your needs.
  4. More Applications & Tools: Dedicated hosting provides you root access of your server so you can decide how you will run your server and choose web applications, tools and software you want on your server.
  5. Freedom To Install Any Script: If you have an experience with shared hosting, then you will know how difficult it is to decide about your web hosting environment. Processor-intensive scripts can play havoc with the server performance so you are not allowed to install. But with dedicated hosting you can install any scripts or application.
  6. Server Performance: Dedicated servers are the most efficient traffic officer as they can control and manage your website traffic and are able to handle any amount, even unexpected spikes.
  7. Money Saving: If you have a large website or number of large websites hosted on shared server, it means you are overloading the server and paying too much money without any benefit. But if you sign up for dedicated server hosting, you will not only enjoy better performance but also save money.
  8. Better Security: When you host your website on a shared server, you will not get the security you deserve. But with dedicated hosting, you can install whatever the security software you need. Your data is saved from others encroachment as you are the only use of that server.
  9. Superiority: You have to admit this, dedicated server hosting is superior in every attribute, ability and specification so purchase it and take full advantage.
  10. It’s Dedicated: Even it’s name shows it’s better than others. You are the only user and it’s resources are only assigned to you, without any interference or some other choices, use it the way you want.

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