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10 Things to Know Before Choosing a Web hosting Service in Pakistan (Part 1)

web hosting in pakistan

Some years ago, websites were considered as a luxury for businesses but now these are basic needs for every size of business. For large businesses even a few minutes downtime can lead to loss of thousands dollars. This makes investing in a reliable provider of web hosting in Pakistan as much important as investing in good machinery. But this task is not simple as there are many options available in market at the moment. Here are few things you should know about good web hosting in Pakistan:

1- Customer Support

Web hosting server are powerful computers but regardless of technical advancement they can crash. For avoiding major breakdown you need good customer support which knows how to resolve issues. A good web hosting company offers 24/7 customer support via chats,email and phones but HostBreak goes one step ahead of other providers and you can contact us through Skype as well.

2- Regular Backups

Before signing up any agreement, make sure that web hosting provider offers regular backups. Accident can occur anytime as the old adage goes prevention is better than cure. Backing up your website is like having your website insured. Also find out what is their disaster recovery plan which means if they are backing up their backups. If you get web hosting service from Hostbreak, we offer regular backups and have comprehensive recovery plan for securing your data.

3- Offered Uptime

Your worst nightmare will be your website facing downtime in the middle of a festive season so downtime should not exceed 0.5%. Web hosting companies have now set standard of 99.9% uptime which is only possible if they are using state-of-the-art infrastructure. Also they should offer redundancy as if one server goes down another server kicks in. HostBreak has proven record of 99.99% guaranteed uptime so you are not going to lose any customers.

4- Types of Web Hosting

At the moment, most popular web hosting types are shared, reseller, VPS, cloud and dedicated server hosting. Most of the new websites and blogs choose shared web hosting due to cheap price as single server is divided among many websites but you have to compromise on performance. Dedicated server hosting offers everything to a single user but cost is relatively higher than other types. In VPS hosting, a physical server is divided among several virtual servers but performance is better than shared hosting. Reseller hosting is best for hosting multiple websites or starting a web hosting business. We offer all of these services so you can choose which serves your needs best.

5- Blogability

Nowadays, most of the companies use blogs for adding fresh content and if you don’t need it now, you may need it after some time. So check if your web hosting provider is offering minimum requirements for starting a WordPress blog. But if you select HostBreak to fulfill your web hosting needs, we offer 1-click installation for WordPress blog so you can start your blog anytime.

These are vital factors to know before making any concrete decision. In the next post “10 Things to Know Before Choosing a Web hosting Service in Pakistan (Part 2)”, we will discuss few more things essential to know about web hosting in Pakistan. Stay Tuned!