10 Things to Know Before Choosing a Web hosting Service in Pakistan (Part 2)

web hosting in pakistan

In previous post “10 Things to Know Before Choosing a Web hosting Service in Pakistan (Part 1)”, we have discussed few things you should know before you step in the arena of web hosting in Pakistan. Here are few more things which will prove helpful in your web hosting service hunt :

6. Domain Parking

Many organizations have multiple domain names like .com, .net, .org, hyphenated versions, misspellings, service names, and more. This is an essential approach for saving your brand name. Check with your web hosting provider, if they are offering you parking domain feature. With this feature you will be able to manage them from a single control panel. If you decide to get services of HostBreak, you can avail our domain parking service without any additional cost so all of your precious domains are in your sight.

7. Accessibility

You need to know if you are allowed to make basic changes like creating new email accounts, changing server settings, etc so you can do these tasks without waiting for the provider to do them. Also you should be able to access your email online and not just through Outlook. With HostBreak you can make essential changes without contacting customer support unlike other companies of web hosting in Pakistan where you have to wait for days.

8. Offered Add-ons

You may find their starting price quite attractive but do inquire about what will be available for free and what will be available after payment of extra charges. HostBreak offers plenty of features even with our basic shared hosting plans like many POP email accounts, unlimited data transfer, website builder and access to popular web applications without any hidden charges.

9. Scalability

In the start of your website, you may need small amount of memory but you need to choose a company of web hosting in Pakistan which will allow you to upgrade your resources. That means each of their web hosting service has different levels depending on how much traffic can be catered. Also make sure your plan is capable of handling unexpected traffic spikes. When you choose HostBreak, you can upgrade your plan according to your needs and without any hassle.

10. Exit Strategy

But you need to slow down! Even the service is attractive and you are finding yourself in heaven however make sure you read all of their policies related to site migration to somewhere else. We are confident if you try our services, you will forget the rest web hosting companies.

Not everyone is tech savvy to know about web hosting so it’s better to make a thorough research before making any decisions. And once you decide to choose HostBreak, all of your web hosting dilemmas will vanish. Contact our customer support team for further details.

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