5 Steps to Choose Faster Web Hosting Services

fast web hosting

Speed does make a difference. A faster website can improve user experience, increase conversion rates, boost search engine ranking and lower exit rates. It becomes more critical for your business if you are using media streaming, VOIP or real time data. But how can you make sure you are choosing faster web hosting services? Here are 5 steps which can you take for getting a faster service:

1- Location of Data Center

The data center which is located near to your users has a significant effect on your website speed. There is a lower delay in server response when the server and user are closer to one another. This fact can lead to faster loading time and responsive applications without lag especially if you are using VOIP applications and online games.

2- Choose the Right Hardware

You need to find a balance between performance and budget by understanding your server’s resource needs and how your assigned resources will respond to the needs. Different hosting packages come with different levels of resources. You have to know which resources are essential for optimizing the performance of your website, database and/or application.

3- Network Latency

A closer data center is not essentially improve website speed so you need to make sure your selected provider of web hosting services spends money on its network for reducing latency rate as well as guaranteed uptime. Basically you are purchasing infrastructure when you are signing up for web hosting services. So it’s really to know what type of hardware, engineers, switches, fiber optic transport, carrier hotels and bandwidth your company is using. For example HostBreak since its establishment in 2001 has been investing premium data centres and networking. Our main aim is to reduce latency and increase our speed as much as possible. So choose a web host which offer best quality networking and reliability.

4- Know About Traffic and Bandwidth Arrangement

When you are searching for dedicated or cloud services, you might have noticed most weeb host do not include traffic in their plans. You cannot compare prices in these cases. You need to understand how much cost you will incur in terms of bandwidth/ traffic. Other than that you also need to be sure that each of your servers should have a high speed of 100Mbps bandwidth. Most of the customers put server and data transfer at top in their priority list. With our dedicated server hosting, you will get 12TB to unmetered traffic with 100 Mbps bandwidth as standard. Also you can purchase a customized server with your required resources.

5- Get CDN

A Content Delivery Network is essential for your website so do invest in it. This network comprises of number of servers located all around the globe. It caches static content of your website and then delivers it to your customers from the closest server. This can reduce latency rate and load times which means more faster website. Look for a provider which offers web hosting services with CDN as it’s the most cost-effective way to improve speed of your website.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]All of these factors can significantly improve website speed and loading time. HostBreak has years of experience in providing super fast websites. We provide variety of web hosting solutions like shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting with lots of free features. Check our website for complete details.[/box]