5 Tips to Speed Up Your Website

Faster websites are not only liked by your customers but also search engine rank them higher. Constant improvement of internet connection speeds have made internet users intolerant of slow loading websites. So for increasing traffic and search engine ranking you have to make website speed a priority. You cannot solely blame your provider of web hosting in Pakistan for slow loading speed as there are number of other factors which can also be responsible. Following are few tips for making your site speed faster:web-hosting-services

Adjust Images Size Before Uploading

With a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla, you can upload full size images and later adjust their display size from your website’s backend. But for accessing these type of images web browsers have to execute multiple commands: first they pull up the initial images and then resize them which can decrease speed of your website. You can avoid this by using an image editing program for adjusting to the correct size before uploading these images.

Get Rid of Useless Plugins

As plugins and themes are freely and widely available, webmasters tend to download them without giving any consideration to their utility. But every plugin you download needs resources to run which can result in slower website. Before downloading, you need to determine whether functionality of any plugin is worth the slowing speed of your website.

Up-to-date Scripts

Every CMS and ecommerce platform is regularly updated so you need to check and update your site’s scripts to the latest versions. There is always a global community of developers behind open source CMS which strives to make that particular CMS better than before. By updating to the latest versions you can prevent coded roadblocks which make your site loading speed slower. HostBreak is the best company of web hosting in Pakistan as we offer regular updates of site scripts so you always have up to date scripts.

Use Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery networks or CDNs comprise of a large network of servers located all around the globe. When you use one of these CDN for storing website content like images instead of storing them on your hosting account, your website visitors can more quickly access this data from the closest located server. By this your website loads faster making your customers and search engines happy.

Browser Caching

This technology enables your website visitor’s browser to save copies of your web pages so if he again visits your website the content can be accessed from the cache instead of reloading that page. This also significantly improves your site’s loading speed. You can get browser caching by a plugin like the W3 Total Cache tool or integrate it into your server-side scripting.

All of these tips will improve speed from your end but if your site is loading slower due to your web hosting company then you have to change your provider. Choose HostBreak for web hosting in Pakistan as we provide you super fast speed and guaranteed 99.999% uptime. Your website will always be up, running and available to your customers.