Backup Plugins Essential for WordPress Websites (Part-1)

WordPress websites are great to use but the real problem is you can lose your data animagesytime. There are many reasons which can lead to data loss like malicious scripts, during updates WordPress site can crash, hackers, spammers and human errors. But, WordPress has worldwide community which is working round the clock for its improvement and they have made many backup plugins which can save you from this hazard. These are simple to set up and they will run in the background. Following is a list of few of them:

BackupBuddy is an expensive plugin but offers comprehensive backup solution for WordPress sites. It not only backups your hard drive but also saves backup of Stash, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, Rackspace, FTP and emails. This plugin is easy to use and with a simple push of a button you can choose what to backup and frequency of backups.BackupBuddy-v5.0.3.3-Back-up

This backup plugin has both free and paid versions. UpdraftPlus is simple and clean plugin. This plugin offers more comprehensive solution than BackUpBuddy as it also backups your cloud storages like Google Drive, OpenStack and many others with Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, FTP, and emails. UpdraftPlus offers database encryption for added security and split archive backup. Premium version comes with automatic backups, a site migrator, reporting, support for additional backup locations, full year updates and more.banner-1544x500

This backup plugin is very famous among WordPress site owners as it’s easy to use and automatically backups your site. BackupWordPress allows you to create different backup schedules for files and database. But you can only store backup to your email or hard drive, if you want to store them on some other place you
have to buy an extension. With BackupWordPress bundle you can save your files anytime and anywhere.backupwordpress2

You need some technical knowledge to use Duplicator. You can use it for site migration plugin and backup plugin as well. The real drawback of this plugin is that it does not offer automatic backup and provides the most basic backup features.plugin_installation1

This plugin is free and simple to use. BackWPup backups your hard drive, FTP, or email and also offer backups for cloud storage like Dropbox and Rackspace. It offers you to schedule backups, and restore from saved backups. This one also has a paid version which gives you additional support, Google Drive backup and many other

Backup plugins save you from unexpected so these are essential for WordPress websites. HostBreak offers WordPress hosting in Pakistan which is reliable, fast and secure. We offer regular backups so you can rest assure that your data is in safe hands. In the next blog post “Backup Plugins Essential for WordPress Websites (Part-2)“, we will discuss about some other widely used backup plugins.