Backup Plugins Essential for WordPress Websites (Part-2)

In the previous post “Backup Plugins Essential for WordPress Websites (Part-1)“, we have discussed few backup plugins for WordPress websites. But, there are few more which can save you from data loss.


You can schedule this plugin for performing daily backups. Stored data can be easily restored and downloaded anytime. VaultPress supports WordPress MU, BuddyPress and WordPress Multisite. This plugin have a user friendly calendar so you can choose a point from which you want to restore your data and files. It also gives you choice to restore database, plugins, themes or uploads.vaultpress


This plugin is perfect solution if you want to backup only your WordPress database. WP-DB-Backup has been downloaded over two million after its launch. It has paid and free both versions. It is a good option if you do not update your site regularly or you are not using images in your blog. It also supports manual database backup.wp-db-backup-800x216

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

This plugin is exclusively for those who are using Dropbox or want to use it in the future. WordPress Backup for Dropbox is a free and paid plugin. It can perform automatic backups you just have to schedule backup timings. The only drawback of this plugin is it does not restore from backups, even the premium versions do not offer this feature.backup-to-dropbox-Wordpress-Backup-to-Dropbox

Online Backup for WordPress-free

This free plugin is best in providing safe and secure backups. Online Backup for WordPress encrypts your saved backup so your data is securely transferred during downloads and uploads. You can send your saved files and database to your email, on your site’s server or anywhere you want. You can choose files and time for performing backup. Backup data can be downloaded through zip


This is a paid backup plugin. With this you can take snapshots of your WordPress site and you can save them anywhere you want. With a single click you can save version of your site at that particular time and you can restore it from that point. It can also perform scheduled backup.WordPress-Backup-Plugin-Snapshot-from-WPMU-DEV

WordPress sites are prone to data loss so you need precautionary measures for saving yourself from regret. Above mentioned plugins are best in performing data backups. But if you choose HostBreak for WordPress hosting, this will not happen at first place as we offer regular backups. We also update our core and security patches regularly so your WordPress site is safe and secure from threats.