Backup Rules to Follow for WordPress Sites

wordpress-backupIf you are not performing backups of your WordPress website, you are going to regret this decision. You can lose data anytime due to several reasons like malicious scripts, during updates site crash, hackers, spammers and human errors. Most WordPress hosting companies offer regular backups but their frequency is too low. You can perform backup by yourself either manually or through backup plugins. But, whatever method you choose for backup you need to follow certain rules:

  • You need to backup your full site and basic database so if something goes wrong, you have full content and data for site reconstruction.
  • Before installing any new upgrade, always backup your database.
  • Don’t think you have accomplished your goal if you have done backup. A good quality backup solution allows you to restore your site in few seconds, recover any particular file from the backup and transfer your site to a new server, location or domain in no time.
  • Your WordPress backup solutions should work for you and not the other way around. They should not slow your server or take too much time for getting done. Schedule your backups when traffic is low on your website.
  • For creating a backup for your content, you need to backup your database. Plugins, themes, files on the server, or additional folders, whether they are part of WordPress or not, should be included in case you want full site backup.
  • Do not backup those plugin which are not essential for your site like spam filters and stat plugins. These plugins greatly enlarge size of your backup data.
  • Do not store your backup on the same server on which your WordPress website is hosted. And storing it on some different location is also not very productive sometimes. You need to store your backup at multiple locations.
  • You get car insurance, business insurance or life insurance to save yourself from unexpected event. Keeping a backup of your site is like getting your WordPress site insured.
  • Every now and then, create a manual backup of your site so you are protected against backup plugin failure.

These above mentioned rules are essential to follow for WordPress sites. When you are getting WordPress hosting in Pakistan from HostBreak, you can trust our backup solutions. We offer reliable and secure hosting for your WordPress website at affordable cost.