Basic Facts You Need To Know About Your Web Hosting Server


Most of the new website owner, research fairly well about web hosting, website development and designing with search engine optimization but don’t know a thing about web hosting hardware. Unless you consider yourself a technical expert, you won’t have any idea about web hosting data center, infrastructure and server specifications. And in most cases even technical expert cannot understand the basics of hardware. A web hosting company has number of options available in hardware category. Here are few basics of web hosting servers you need to know:

What Is Powering Your Website?

No matter what type of web hosting you choose, all of them are powered by a physical server. The main difference lies in how much or how many parts of that server you are going to have. Your website and data is residing on a physical server at a data center somewhere in the world whether you purchase shared, dedicated, reseller or virtual private server hosting services. For example. if you get web hosting services from HostBreak, it is our responsibility to take care of the power, cooling, network and security of your web hosting server so that it is up and running 24/7. We own number of data centers around the globe with hundreds of physical servers at each of them. These servers have same basic components like your personal computer but more faster and efficient than average computer.

Server Specs

Your web hosting server has two major parts: software and hardware. You can easily differentiate between these two as hardware is any part of server which you can physically touch. On the other hand, all the data and applications which are used to create operating systems and functioning tools are referred as the software component of your web hosting server. Hardware components are mostly same of each server unless you order a customized server, however a web hosting company provides software on your specific needs.

Every server is made up of following primary components:

  1. Motherboard: This component is like a common room with which all other rooms are attached for communications and control of the combined portions. Motherboard is the basic circuit board of the computer and other hardware components are linked via this part. It has connecting ports for keyboards, mice and monitors along with a few additional for attaching any component later.
  2. Random Access Memory (RAM): This part stores data for your server’s operating system and application programs so that processor can quickly access important information. Other storage methods for read/write operations are not faster as compared to RAM. It should be considered as short term memory and the hard disk drives are used to store memory for longer period. Shared web hosting has slow RAM as number of websites are sharing single RAM of a server but in dedicated server hosting entire RAM is allocated to a single user.
  3. Hard Disk Drives: This is the moving part inside the server and serves as the long term memory. It can referred as DVD or CD of your web hosting server: due to it’s higher spinning rate, and arm extends across a stack of disks to magnetically store data. Server’s memory is directly linked with HDD, larger the HDD the more room for storing files and programs.
  4. Basic Input/Output System (BIOS): This part has all the program controls needed to perform automatic functions essential for initializing working of your server so as soon as your server is turned on, BIOS also starts working. The name is self explanatory: this is the basic system for all the input and output functions performed by operating system and other devices attached to the motherboard.
  5. Central Processing Unit (CPU): This is an umbrella term used for all the processors and microprocessors. CPU is used to contain all the logic circuitry of the server which means all the instructions and commands are kept in it and also it will order the server to perform tasks upon the user’s request. It is like brain of your server so the more CPU cores, the more it can think and perform faster.

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