Basics of Linux Reseller Hosting

If you want your website constantly up and running for almost 24 hours without interruption, then you have to choose reliable web hosting company. This is requirement of every website owner which is making web hosting a lucrative business. But this business is time and money consuming. Linux reseller hosting offers you an opportunity to own your web hosting company without investing on infrastructure.


What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting accounts allow you to create packages/plans and sell them to other users. It is also useful if you want a recurring source of income with the existing business. Basically with reseller hosting you take large amounts of server resources and are enable to sublet them to others. You can set your own prices as web host does not dictate prices or profit you can have from your created packages. Following are few reasons for using reseller hosting:

  1. Start your own web hosting business
  2. Set up sites for others
  3. Additional source of income

However, whatever the reason you need a suitable Linux reseller hosting plan as not all web hosts are packages are same.

What Linux Reseller Hosting Offers You?

Web hosts usually sell reseller hosting packages at discounted rates which provides you a competitive edge on others as you can offer your web hosting packages at affordable rates. Secondly your reseller account comes with a white label package which means you can use your own brand name and promote it online. This enables you to generate your invoices with your own company name. Your web host brand will not appear on the control panel, billing software and other areas. Moreover, your web host will provide your customers technical support so you don’t need to maintain your own customer support team.

At the moment, there are many web hosting companies which are competing for profit and customers so do you stand a chance against them? Yes, you do. But for this purpose you need to search for a thorough advertising strategy, deal with admin, set service policies, properly advertise it, create user accounts and set competitive prices for your accounts.

Benefits of Linux Reseller Hosting from HostBreak

When you choose HostBreak for getting your reseller account, you will benefit from following features:

  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Email Accounts, Databases and Data Transfer
  • Basic Package offering 50GB Disk Space
  • Complete control over your packages and pricing
  • cPanel and WHM
  • 24/7 Heroic Customer Support

If you need further details, contact our customer support via phone, live chat, Skype or email.