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Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting

windows vps hostingWindows VPS hosting is becoming popular day by day and as this type of hosting is enhancing its performance and functionality, these factors will further increase its popularity. There are many reasons and benefits for an organization to choose VPS hosting. It leaves comparatively lower carbon footprint and you can readily scale it. Here are some reasons which dictate organizations should choose Windows VPS hosting:

Offers More Stability and Reliability

Majority of small businesses and blogs prefer to get shared hosting and this situation is compelling web hosting companies to oversell their servers. Currently, thousands of customers are pulling resources from a single server which is diminishing reliability of shared web hosting. Furthermore, other websites which are getting resources from the same server, badly impact uptime and performance of your website. Now think your website is facing downtime in the mid of festive season due to some other website’s heavy traffic. Can you take this kind of risk with your website when your business primarily depends on online store? Windows VPS hosting can save you from this kind of loss as your account is virtually isolated from other accounts. Every VPS account gets its own resources and cannot affect performance of other websites.

Offers More Control

With Windows VPS hosting, you will get root access to your hosting setup like dedicated server hosting. This enables you to install required software package without waiting for your web hosting provider to perform this task. In shared hosting, there are many scripts and software’s which are not supported by this type of hosting. Further, you are not allowed to install those software which are processor-intensive. But when you have VPS account, you can bypass all these issues and customize it the way you want.

Efficient and Environment-friendly

Over the past decade, there has been a gradual increase in environment-friendly web hosting technologies. You need to play your part and leave less carbon footprint. This important goal can be achieved through Linux or Windows VPS hosting. In dedicated hosting, you are the only person having benefit from server’s power consumption but in Virtual Private Server hosting there are other persons as well who are sharing resources from that server.

Easily Scalable

For those websites who do not expect heavy traffic, scalability is not very important factor. But for a starting business or blog who expects increase in traffic, scalability without any downtime or technical issue is really important. Your Windows VPS hosting account is hosted within a container with specific amount of allocated resources. The best thing about these containers is they are flexible so you can upgrade or downgrade them as per your needs. With a single click you can upgrade your RAM when you are expecting more traffic than usual. In dedicated hosting, you need to contact web hosting provider who will physically install this new RAM and it will lead to downtime and loss of customers.


There is great decrease in the prices of Windows VPS hosting plans over the past few years. They will see further decrease in coming years due to advancement in virtualization technologies. It is the reason businesses are considering it as a feasible option, even for a starting online business. Many web hosting companies are now offering Windows VPS hosting at the rate of shared hosting but you are safe from all the associated risks and performance issues.

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