Best 3 SEO Apps for Windows VPS Hosting

windows vps & SEO Apps

Getting a higher rank in search engine rankings is the #1 priority of every online business. But how to achieve this goal? The answer is through SEO tools. There are many online tools available for entrepreneurs for boosting their search engine rankings. Windows VPS hosting is preferable solution for hosting processor intensive SEO apps as it offers dedicated environment and resources for them. Due to presence of these tools your server has to use different proxy connections, perform data manipulation tasks or transfer and download data at a rapid speed. Here we are sharing working of few SEO apps so it will become clear to you that why you should choose Windows VPS hosting:


scrapeboxThis is one of the most popular tool used by SEO experts for website marketing. ScrapeBox is a complete package which provides you a thorough insight into your targeted market. This enables you to harvest URLs for gaining information about how your competitors are handling their backlink campaigns. With this tool you can reverse engineer how one of your competitors has achieved his #1 ranking in search engines. ScrapeBox needs to repetitively access multiple data streams so it is configured to use a large number of proxy addresses for hiding the actual location of your Windows VPS. These proxy servers are also used for automatically posting comments on blogs by ScrapeBox. This SEO app allows you to blast your URL out to various blogs which you have harvested through ping functionality. Windows VPS hosting is essential for ScrapeBox as it cripples those devices which are not using a robust internet connections.


gsaIf you are searching a tool for getting unique backlinks then GSA Search Engine Ranker is what you are looking for. You can install this tool on your Windows VPS and it will help you in finding new websites which allow link posting. It works autonomously that means it is building your backlinks while you are soundly sleeping. Unlike other SEO apps which require you to provide database of locations for submitting the link, GSA works independently. You can configure it granularly for perfectly tailoring your backlink campaign. By using Windows VPS hosting for GSA boosts your search engine optimization ventures. Combining GSA with Windows VPS is the best partnership for higher search rankings.


XRumerThis SEO apps is perfect for targeting forums as it can create and post content on all forums found on web simultaneously. XRumer can bypass normal security techniques used for preventing automated forum postings. Search engine marketers need these message board links as these websites are used for asking and answering questions which are used by XRumer for building backlinks. For using this SEO tool you need a web hosting service with high speed bandwidth, robust CPU and memory resources which means for taking full advantage of XRumer you need Windows VPS hosting.

Now, it depends on your need whether you want to use a single tool or combination of these three. Whatever you choose, HostBreak’s Windows VPS hosting offers you robust processor, memory resources and bandwidth so you can effectively design your SEO campaign. Check our website for package details.

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