Blank PHP Page after Cpanel EasyApache Update

Blue Businessman Standing by a Large Exclamation Point Clipart IllustrationToday I updated Apache to include GDLibrary. After Apache recompile I found blank page on WHMCS and few other application. This lead to some interesting learning exercise 🙂

When cPanel EasyApache is used to recompile apache the default behavior seems to miss the IonCube and Zend Optimizer. If your PHP application is using these then the PHP page will display nothing (in most cases unless error handling is done differently).

I figured this out after an hour of troubleshooting. Finally, I ran EasyApache, went straight to Step-5, chose to include IonCube and Zend in the compilation and hit the compile button. Kept my fingers crossed until it finished and hit the refresh button. It worked, viola!