Boost Your Reseller Business with Digital Marketing Courses

Few of our previous posts were about reseller hosting. Like we have explained some basics of reseller hosting account in our series of blog post ‘’How To Work With WHM As A Hosting Reseller?’’ and then shared few tips for our reseller hosting package holders so that they can make profit from their reseller business. This post is about few free online courses in digital marketing which will help you in growing your reseller business.

digital marketing course

Why is it important to focus on digital marketing?

Promotion of products, services and brands through different forms of electronic media is called digital marketing. It is a way through which businesses can determine really fast which marketing strategy is working for them and which is not. In these days, marketing companies significantly shape consumer choices through digital marketing and social media. Here are few benefits of digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing provides level playing field to all competitors regardless of their business size.
  • Digital marketing cuts your marketing cost.
  • You can check results in real time and change your strategy accordingly.
  • You get far better exposure with digital marketing than traditional marketing.
  • In digital marketing, it depends on people to subscribe and unsubscribe, which makes it less intrusive than traditional marketing.
  • With digital marketing you get more chances of engaging your customers to take action, leave feedback or read about your services or products.

Here are few courses which will surely help you in engaging your customers and advertise your reseller hosting business in better way:

Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Course

From previous 10 years, inbound marketing is the best strategy for promoting your online business. There are number of benefits of inbound marketing like it brings higher traffic,increase brand visibility and improve sales. With Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification, you can cover various aspects of Inbound methodology like fundamentals of inbound marketing, SEO, landing pages, email marketing, conversions, blogging and lead nurturing. On completion of this course, you will be able to understand consumer behavior by using social media and you can use use right content for promoting your windows or linux reseller hosting business.

Alison’s Diploma in Social Media Marketing

This free online course gives you an opportunity to get Diploma in Social Media Marketing in only 15-20 hours. You can learn the use of email marketing, affiliate marketing as well as an introduction to social media tools like Twitter, podcasting and methods to create an efficient Facebook page for promoting your windows and linux reseller hosting business website.

Salford Business School’s Search & Social Media Marketing For International Business

This course from the University of Salford in Manchester, England polishes your search engine optimization, social media and digital marketing skills. Search & Social Media Marketing For International Business develops your professional profile. It comprises of twelve videos regarding Google+, SEO, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging and Youtube. After this course, you will have enough knowledge for maximizing reseller hosting profits.

Combination of all these courses will help you in learning consumer behavior using digital marketing strategies. You can also take the Google Adwords Certification Test for improving your marketing skills. We are living in a world where constant innovation and ingenuity are important for being successful in online business that is why we often share tips and tricks from our windows and linux hosting resellers. Digital marketing tips from HostBreak gives you opportunity to bring innovation in your marketing strategies. We offer the best reseller hosting plans so you can start your own business right away. Please check our website for further details.