How to fight back and protect your Windows servers/computers from NSA-derived WannaCry ransom-ware?

What Is NSA-driven ransomware? As every IT geek knows NSA-driven ransomware ‘wannacry’  and its varient is playing havoc around the globe since its 1st release back in Mid-April 2017. It was Mid-April when an arsenal of extremely power, lethal grade software tools designed by NSA to inject and Control Windows computers was leaked by a hacking […]

October is Cyber-Security Awareness Month

Today US Department of Homeland Security has announced that October has been declared Cyber-Security Awareness Month. At the same time, Internet and computer security firm McAfee released a study documenting executive management’s lack of awareness of cyber-vulnerabilities in their own business data centers and web hosting facilities. The theme for Cyber-Security Awareness Month is “Our […]