Chapter 1: Essential Guide To Web Hosting

If you are new to this complicated world of hosting, then this series of blog posts will be your life-saver. We will try to simply explain all it’s basics. In this post we will discover the three W’s i.e. what, who and why of web hosting.what-is-web-hosting

What is Web Hosting?

A website consists of files with different formats which are interlinked. To upload these file on the world wide web, you need a computer with super fast internet connection. This computer is called a server or a web host and the process is called web hosting.

Who’s Web Hosting Provider?

Simply the company which is providing this place is the hosting provider. If you are looking for web hosting in Pakistan, HostBreak offers excellent services and features.

Why Do You Need a Web Hosting Provider?

Now, you will think if only a computer is needed to host a website, why not I should go for my own server. Believe me it’s near to impossible to host your own website due to several reasons. Here are some of the disadvantages of self-hosting and advantages of taking services of web hosting providers.

Disadvantages of Self-hosting

There are number of disadvantages when you are self-hosting the website:

  • If you are facing power outages, your website will face downtime that means you are losing your customers.
  • We have discussed above that a website is made up of many files interlinked together. When a user views your website, you are actually sending those files to him. Your internet connection cannot be that much fast so it’s affects the speed of your website.
  • In self-managed hosting, you will have a dynamic IP address which will make difficult for your customers to send you emails.
  • Your internet connection cannot handle traffic spikes.
  • Your website can face downtime for weeks if any issue occurs or any new part is required.

Advantages of a Hosting Provider

Quite opposite to above mentioned disadvantages, there are number of advantages of getting hosting from a company.

  • Frankly speaking they are experts in web hosting field. Your server is 24/7 monitored against threats and failures. Admit it! You cannot do this.
  • They quickly respond to problems occurring to servers. They troubleshoot the problem and resolve it as soon as possible to reduce the downtime of your website.
  • A web hosting company saves you from mental diseases like depression or anxiety as they are responsible for maintaining it.
  • This saves your resources, time and energy. So you can focus on developing your business.
  • This is a cost-efficient unlike self-hosting.
  • Ultimately, overall performance of your website improves.

HostBreak Web Technologies offers all of these features and above all your website will be secure against potential threats. We offer number of hosting services like shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller and cloud hosting. You can choose your dream package at an affordable cost. In the next post “Chapter 2: Essential Guide To Web Hosting“, we will explain types of web hosting, so stay tuned.