Chapter 3: Essential Guide To Web Hosting

We have discussed in the previous post “Chapter 2: Essential Guide To Web Hosting” about web hosting and its types. In this post, we will explain to you domain name strategies and tools to use for domain registration. Domain name is like the address of your website on World Wide Web so it should be unique and memorable. Here are few factors important in getting a domain name.


General Rules to Follow

.com Rule:

There are number of TLD’s like country-code, generic, sponsored and infrastructure top-level domains. But the trust which is shown in .com domain name is massive. Most of the people searching on the internet assume it an inseparable part of the domain name. So try to get either .com or such domain name which is related to your business/website.

No Trademarks:

Do not include someone’s trademark or nearly close word in your domain name. You can be penalized by the company whose trademark has been used. Customers put faith on trademarks and if somehow your information would be wrong, you will face legal charges.

No Dashes and Numbers:

Searchers don’t not like those domain names which have dashes or number as they find it dodgy. Also it make it difficult for someone to tell your domain name like www dash best dash hosting dash services dot com.

Strategies for Domain name

There are two strategies to follow for registering a domain name:

Brandable Domain Name:

A brand able domain name is made to leave an impression on the visitor or stick in his head. It is a catchy or unique word. It should be as short as possible but concise. People show an inclination towards shorter domain name instead of longer ones during search. Longer URLs also affect your search engine ranking negatively.

Discoverable Domain Name:

Discoverable domain name usually incorporates a keyword for search engine visibility. These domain name have distinct advantages over ordinary domain name: easy to memorable, high ranking in the search engines and give instant idea about the site. However, these are expensive to purchase and sometimes tough to market.

Advanced Tools for Domain Name

Following are few useful tools which can help you in finding and registering an ideal domain name:

  • Keyword Analysis: Google’s Keyword Tool is best for keyword analysis. It can help you in making a discoverable domain by giving number of searches of any phrase related to your business per month.
  • Domain Name Generators: There are number of domain name generators online which can help you in creating a domain name.

We wish you good luck in your search for a good domain name. We can help you in this search with our domain registration services. You can get a brand able or discoverable domain name at a fraction of cost. We offer domain registration, management and free domain transfer. Our next blog “Chapter 4: Essential Guide To Web Hosting” of this series is about choosing a good host for your website. Stay tuned!