Chapter 6: Essential Guide To Web Hosting

Previous blog posts were about basics of web hosting so you can make informed decision about the right web hosting company. In this last post “Chapter 5: Essential Guide To Web Hosting“, we will discuss about operating systems of the servers. Web hosting companies offer two O.S i.e. Windows and Linux hosting. Choice of operating system depends upon which programming language or database you want to use for your website. Please note do not choose the same O.S which you are using on your P.C as there is no relationship between these two. Most web hosting tasks are better performed with Linux O.S and Windows hosting is used only for specific reasons. Mostly, web hosting companies provide intuitive user interfaces which are easy to handle.


Benefits of Linux Hosting

Most web hosting servers are operating on Linux O.S. It is an ideal solution for PHP, Python, Ruby or MYSQL. Also if you are planning to use ready made software to build your website such as open source blogs, content management systems and ecommerce softwares then these are freely available for Linux but in the case of Windows you mostly need to pay for their licenses. Some users who are more comfortable with Windows O.S are likely to terrify by Linux. But this should not prove an obstacle – thanks to FTP programs and web interfaces which need no administration knowledge of Linux for operating.

Benefits of Windows Hosting

Windows has potentially limited benefits as compare to Linux. If your website depends on visual basic or .net framework then you should go for Windows hosting. Windows supports .ASP and front page extensions so if you are planning to use them then Windows is the logical choice.

Control Panels

Control panels are essential in handling web hosting as they offer graphical user interface and tools for making complex tasks easy and simple to perform. With these you can create databases, manage files and DNS. Web hosting plans should include control panels as without them managing web hosting is not possible.

cPanel for Linux and Plesk for Windows are most popularly used in web hosting. Both of them offer same set of functions but differ in organization, terminology and security model. However, choice of any particular control panel should not affect choice of O.S and web hosting provider.

With this series, you should be able to choose right type of web hosting and package, domain name and server operating system. Whatever the O.S you want to choose, HostBreak offers both of these at an affordable cost. If you are confused in choosing O.S, contact our customer team to help you out.