Checklist before You Purchase a Dedicated Server

Checklist before You Purchase a Dedicated Server Jatin 2:48 pm

Checklist before You Purchase a Dedicated Server

If you are trying to start a new business which uses a number of websites and applications then you must go through all of the points listed below so that you may find a Dedicated Server for your requirements. The reason is simple, it will make sure the fast performance of all the applications you are running. Not only this but a good and a dedicated server provides its audience with the solutions and answers they are looking for. So it is always advised to make sure that you purchase a dedicated server for yourself.

Here are few points listed what features should a Dedicated Server have?
1. Connectivity:
The server’s hardware reliability depends upon the reliability of the connection which means that if your server goes with a connectivity issue with the internet then your server is down. While on the other side a dedicated server provides able hardware and switches. So configuration of network and traffic routing are the things which make the difference.
While you are planning to purchase a dedicated server, you should keep in your mind that you should select that server which has a low failure rate of the network or otherwise you will face server downtime every time.

2. Network Security:

A dedicated server should include firewalls and should protect against the possibility of setting up of VPN or against the distributed DOS attacks. A dedicated server must ensure that all administrator systems are totally free from malware because it will give the excess amount of information to the attackers about server’s admin interfaces.
Server security, security audits, firewall configuration and spam and virus filtering are few factors which must also be provided by the hosting provider.

3. Completely managed hosting:

A professional is needed while you are planning to buy a dedicated server who will manage it perfectly. You are provided with an end to end solution for a completely managed hosting. It makes sure that the server is managed on your behalf by the hosting company. Keep in mind that you are offered server monitoring, complete backups and database management by the hosting provider with whom you are going to sign the deal with.

4. Remote rebooting:
The process of restarting the server from a remote location is known as remote rebooting. It is one of the most important factors to be kept in mind while buying a dedicated server. Without the technical help and assistance from the hosting company, you can reboot your server from anywhere. If you want to do the server maintenance or the software update then also it gives you a complete control over the server.

5. Backups and recovery:

At a point where your server is compromised and you want to minimize the damage by recovering your data as soon as possible and as much as you can then it will be very helpful for you if you have a good dedicated server.
In case of emergencies like flood or fire then your server memories may be lost in these and the backups are also destroyed if they are placed next to the server. Then you are stuck having no option. So it is advisable that you make your own backups for your important data. This will provide you with an additional layer of redundancy.

6. Finances:

Pricing must be kept in mind before buying a dedicated server. You should know the pricing on monthly basis and do they include tariff in it or not. You should know the cost for upgrades to handle heavy traffic at certain time periods. One should also know the prices for additional memories, additional hardware and the downtime costs. Hardware failure must also be kept in mind while taking the factor of pricing into consideration. You should also check up if the web hosting costs you if you want to cancel the services or do the migration at any time. If you keep these factors into consideration before buying then you will save a lot of money.

7. Control panel:

It is always advisable that you should choose a provider who provides you with a well-known panel like Plesk, cPanel or WHM. So if anytime you want to cancel the services or migrate then surely you will not be facing any problem.
You should assess your web host provider before buying a dedicated server for you and use this as a checklist.

8. Technology:

Technologies like windows, ruby or java need excessive RAM space of a server. So you should keep in mind the factor of excessive ram while buying a dedicated server. If you are dealing with some specialized applications like games and chat servers then you may need multi-processor servers such as dual Xeon server so you will need a host which has a good speed as well as performance. It will not only help you with heavy applications but it will help you while hosting the multimedia images.

9. Hardware replacement:

Many of the times you undergo failures in hardware either due to fire or water or anything else. You should find out if your host is offering a longer service level agreement or not. So you should not be facing any problem when you need urgent replacement.

10. General business requirements:

You may have many requirements while related with your company or industry. Some few considerations to be kept in mind are the integrity of data, management and control of heavy files, high availability, scalability, PCI compliance and provide a service to dedicated servers and the integrity of all the important data.

Once you feel that you have everything to develop a website or transfer it you should go for it. Your very first dedicated server is not just to provide you services for making your website. It’s a tool from where you can learn and if you take it seriously and step by step you can become a proficient server administrator.

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