Choose SEO-friendly CMS for Your Website (Part 1)

You want to create a new website but don’t know if you need specialized CMS hosting or ordinary shared hosting. The answer depends on number of factors like frequency of website updates, want to run a blog and non-developers will create and update content then you should go for a CMS. Static websites are not acceptable to your visitors and search engines. In this post we will discuss factors which determine how much a CMS will help you in search engine optimization or SEO.cms-hosting

1. Custom URL Creation

A keyword-rich URL indeed help you out in your SEO endeavors but historically CMS platforms were not able to create good URLs. For eliminating this issue you should check your selected CMS should have custom URL creation feature.

2. Categorization Structure

A poor categorization structure is second biggest issue after poor URLs. Your CMS should be flexible enough to not to put a limit how your website pages can be accessed and also it should have customizable navigation panels.

3. Title Tag Customization

Your CMS should enable you to customize title tags not only on individual pages but also allow rules for particular sections of your website. For instance, if your website comprises of several static pages, a blog and a forum, you should be able to create a rule that all forum pages used “title of post > Yoursite Forum” and all blog pages would start with “Yoursite Blog > “.

4. Custom HTML Tag

It should provide extra functionality on HTML tags like ”nofollow” on links, or tags for headings and subheadings. Either these features should be built-in accessible through menu or you can manually edit HTML through the text editor window.

5. Customized Meta Tags

For a successful SEO meta description and robot tags are essential and a good CMS should offer editorial control for this purpose.

6. Anchor Text Flexibility

Customizing the anchor text on internal links is essential for optimizing the website content rather than just making it search-friendly. Your CMS should be able to take custom input from the editors especially for anchor text of category-level or global navigation links.

Optimizing your website for search engines is a key to increase traffic and conversion rates. Above factors are must-have features when you are deciding for CMS hosting. Other than these features a faster loading and always available website is ranked higher than other websites. So get CMS hosting from HostBreak with specialized infrastructure and 99.999% uptime. This post was part one of this series, in the next post “Choose SEO-friendly CMS for Your Website (Part 2)” we will conclude this series. So stay tuned!