Choose SEO-friendly CMS for Your Website (Part 2)

seo friendly

As we have discussed in our previous post “Choose SEO-friendly CMS for Your Website (Part 1)” that CMS hosting will help your website in better search engine ranking. This will lead to increased site visibility, traffic and eventually improved conversion rates. Nowadays, plenty of websites are using CMS for building websites as it allows them to create a functional website in matters of minutes. You will find many CMS in the market but first you need to determine your needs and then select. Like the last post, we will list some other features you should have in your CMS:

7. 301-Redirect Functionality

You need this functionality for proper redirection of content when required but most of the CMS do not have this feature. It can be helpful in number of situation like expired content, pages with newer versions or dodging keyword cannibalization problems.

8. Image Handling and Alt Tags

Alt tags are an alternate for an image of your website and they are used for anchoring text which can be indexed on search engines. These are essential from an SEO perspective. Instead of using just alt tags, images in CMS should have CSS-Image replacement.

9. Pagination Controls

This can be really helpful in website’s search engine rankings. For controlling it you need nofollows and meta noindex tags. By this way your content will have useful link building and crawl attention.

10. XML/RSS Pinging

Generally, it is considered useful for blogs but you can issue any content like articles, press releases, etc in a feed. It will provide you a quick, accurate pinging of the important feed services.

11. Static Caching Option

Caching option can come handy for a website particularly when a certain webpage is receiving more traffic than usual due to social media marketing or any other reason. That’s the reason you will find many CMS with built-in caching features. There are also free and paid extensions available for this purpose.

12. CSS Exceptions

You need manual exceptions in application of CSS styles in a well-built CMS so you can modify how a strong, headline or list element appears visually.

These were few essential features you should have in a CMS but there are other factors as well you need to take care of to make your business a success. You need to search for a fast and reliable CMS hosting provider because search engines have shown their preference for fast loading websites. It also help in providing better user experience so, always keep these factors in mind while starting a CMS based business website.

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