Dedicated Server Hosting – A Hidden Secret of Online Success

The world of web is expanding with a thrilling speed day by day. New software programs and different servers and data bases make the web world electrifying and exciting. The software programs are basically installed in a locker box which is referred as server. Server acts like a bridge or a link between the user and the website. All the websites need server hosting. Previously shared severs are more common. Websites have purchased a specific space and bandwidth on the server. But as the time goes on the trend of shared server hosting is modified. Now the websites prefer to have their own dedicated server where there will be no sharing of space and bandwidth.

Precedence of Dedicated Server Hosting in Online Marketing and Promotion

Dedicated server hosting is the best and excellent platform for the big budget websites. Now the online business promotion is no longer an issue. You can even run four or five websites at a time on your dedicated server without sharing the resources with the other sites. Dedicated server hosting is quite expensive from the shared server hosting but if you are using your own dedicated server hosting in a proper and productive way than you can easily double your profit in a very short span of time. The market of website hosting companies also becomes much flourished after the boom in the use of the dedicated servers. VPS server hosting is also very common and useful for the small budget websites but after the advent of dedicated servers, the demand of VPS server hosing is decreased.

Dedicated server really provides outstanding and excellent web hosting services with 100% security and reliability. Dedicated server hosting is very effective for those websites that receive thousands of customers daily and need instant up gradation such as stock market websites or forex rates or website of any airline company. These websites have to be monitored and must be updated properly without any error. Dedicate server is the best choice for these websites. Another very good advantage is that the dedicated server gives secure and safe services to your customers and assure them that there personal information such as credit or debit card number are is safe hands. As in the shared server hosting it’s really become very difficult to keep the privacy of the customers’ personal information. In fact your websites are also being secured from different viruses and other spiteful software as most of the dedicated servers have the facility of the external firewall to maintain the security of the websites.

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Mostly, the shared server hosting sites have a single IP address but if you have your own dedicated server then you will have your own unique and particular IP address. It is often happened that in shared server some the available packages are not required by the customers and the packages demanded by the customers are not available on the server. It automatically decreases the rating of your website. But in dedicated server hosting, the clients can selects the software and application according to their need and requirement and which are useful for their websites.

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