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Dedicated Server Hosting Vs. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)


For fresh websites and blogs, shared hosting is attractive as it’s cheap and easy to use. But your business is not going to be static forever, it has to grow and as it grows likewise its needs. When your organization has outgrown its shared hosting plans, then it’s time to give some thought to other options. Two most feasible options are dedicated hosting and Virtual Private Servers. But how can you decide which is best for your business? Here is a comparison between these two:

Flexibility and Optimization

Dedicated server hosting provides you full control on the physical server and its resources as you are using all the resources single-handedly. But in VPS hosting a single server is divided among number of virtualized machines and you are sharing resources with all of them. But you will have root access to all of your assigned RAM and storage resources. In dedicated hosting as you are not sharing your resources, all of the server’s computing power is at your fingertips.

With this benefit, you may be inclined towards dedicated server hosting but not all of the websites need dedicated beasts. Furthermore, with VPS hosting you can scale your resources as your needs grow that means your internet requirements and resources are aligned instead of paying for those server resources you are not actually using. You have ultimate flexibility with VPS as you can move to the next plan which provides your website optimal performance without any hassle.

Control and Customization

Difference of these two factors between dedicated and VPS hosting is negligible. The main difference lies in whether the OS is using virtual hardware or physical hardware. But both will work the same as you have administrative access to the OS in both hosting types. Some web hosting companies apply service restrictions on VPS accounts like limitation on hosted domains but these restrictions are terms of service, not technical limitations and may vary company to company.

Supported Features

With both types of web hosting, you will get full control over hosting environment so they both can offer same set of features. Following are the popular features offered by these two:

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  • Content Management Systems
  • Account Management Through Control Panels
  • 1-click Setups for CMS
  • Development Tools and Frameworks
  • Backups
  • SSL Certificates
  • Blogging Tools
  • eCommerce Solutions


Associated Cost

The most important difference in these two types of web hosting is the associated cost per month. Dedicated server hosting is substantially expensive than VPS hosting. For instance, HostBreak basic package for Windows or Linux VPS hosting will cost you $11.95/month and for dedicated hosting $59/month.


[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]After this comparison, it will be clearer to you that major difference between these two is just the cost. The flexibility and scalability of VPS hosting is unmatchable. On the other hand, dedicated server hosting provides you computing power which VPS is unable to provide. But most of the SMEs needs are not that much which cannot be fulfilled with VPS on a fraction of cost. So, now you can make a more informed decision.[/box]