How to Buy Domain Name For Website in Pakistan

Why you Need Domain Name When you want to set up an address for the people with the help of that they can stop by and take a look at whatever you are providing, either it is a business or some kind of product you are selling. People usually ask the question how to buy domain that turns out to be profitable? People are spending hours to search the perfect domain name with which they can register. They don’t have any idea about the market and they don’t know which domain name is best for them to register. They decide any name and try to register with that name and they buy that domain, but soon they come to know that this is not the one they were looking for. There are some other people who buy the domain name after the complete market research and they get very good results out of it.

If you are one who suffered loss then you have to check this out that how to buy the right domain name in Pakistan for you that results to be more valuable, let’s take a look at it:

  1. First of all you need to stay away from the names that are brand-able. You have to buy the name that is easily understandable by the audience so that they are able to know what that is all about.
  2. You need to use the keywords in the names so that people can reach you when they type that specific keyword to search. These types of names having keywords in them tend to be more valuable than the others.
  3. If you are starting the business you need to go easy on the number of domain names you are considering to buy. You have to do the complete research and read the forums that will help you to get the trending domain names.
  4. You ought not to waste your money at the domain names that are of no use, you have to think sensibly before going for the name. In this way you can save the money rather than wasting it and getting nothing.
  5. You can find some good names at low cost; you have to search for the best name. Keep in mind that all your business is depending on the domain name you are using. ‘
  6. You have to avoid the names with hyphens and the long names as they seem to be messy and are of no use.
  7. You need to know about the industry before buying the domain name, you must not buy the country extensions, use only the .com names.

If you know how you can buy domain names in Pakistan in order to get the profit, which is basically a skill that needs to be improved with time. You can improve this skill by not repeating the same mistakes again that you did last time. All you have to do is to learn from your mistakes. You have to consider the websites that are known for the best domain names so that you can get the best names.

Having your own domain name is simply awesome agree or not? The other benefits you are getting from it do not even matter but having your own domain name is something different and cool. For example if your name is ABC, and you buy your own domain name most probably it is going to be “”. Your own domain name resembles to your actual name because of it people you may know, people you know, your friends and family, business partners, clients almost everybody who is concerned with you going to know how to search you online. The main and foremost benefit is that it is giving you a distinction, or in other words one can say giving you an authority and power and kind of expert status.

Some people confuse the thing that there are thousands of people with the same name in the world then the domain name is also going to be same. But, it is not true there are even million people with the same name in the entire world but if thousands or even hundreds are of same name and they want a domain name .That does not mean that the domain name is going to be same, you are sole and lawful owner and you have authority of your own domain name’s online version.

The people got normally into trouble when they do not know the best uses of their personal domain names, Lets discuss the problem faced by so many people that how you can brand yourself online. The main thing that you try to build through your online personal domain is your online image, let’s have a look that you can brand yourself online image through personalized domain and email, and how is it contributing in building your online image.

The Most Creative And Best Uses of Your Own Domain Name:

It is very simple that what you can do when you own a domain name, the answer to this question is that whatever you want to do. Yes, its right once you get your personal domain name because you are the owner and you has complete authority you can do anything you want to perform. Let’s take an example that if you are a businessman you can use your domain name in many creative ways like you can host your store that is online, you can easily share the valuable information that is beneficial for the customers and your clients. Your own domain name not only helps you in remain in touch with your clients in your country but also worldwide. It also helps you in gathering more customers and builds more trust in the existing customers.

There is an another example that if you are an individual and not up to any business, then the benefit you can take is digital, like you can create your own digital home base that will help you keeping in touch the people you are concerned with. You can easily communicate with your best friends, fellows, family member and all acquaintances. It is like an online platform that is giving you an opportunity to people, those who want to get information about you they can learn more and for you it is going to be platform where you can share anything you want.

Then comes your own personal email account, the common email address is like everybody has in the world like for example:, or you can say, instead of that your email can be

Do you think that the common emails like Gmail, yahoo, hotmail are professional? No, they do not even look professional. But, once you are done making your own domain name you have an opportunity to upgrade your online image. The best of all benefits is that it is completely in your approach and it is affordable and very instant.

Who is eligible to get the personalized domain name?

As it is not difficult to get your own domain name, and the other benefit is that there is no specific criterion for this. Anybody can buy the domain name not only can buy the domain name but also able to hot their personal email accounts.

How can you monetize your domain name?

Do not you think that when you own something you have a feeling of leadership? When you own the personalized domain names and you host your email account it not even let anyone express their interest for your team, clients, your concerned organization , but it also give you a feeling of authority in other words that is leadership where you can express your qualities and easily control the conversation and can guide them.

Improve your business:

You can say that buying your own domain name can help you out in presenting the good side of your shop in front of the concerned clients. Unlike a traditional shop, you are available for day and night, every day in a week and month; this is going to improve your business in all possible ways.

The contribution of the website can be that it gives a detailed introduction and all information about your offered services and all the products. There is no need for wait in lines to get the information about the products. Even thousands of people can get the same information at the same time in few minutes.

Your business can be improved in several ways like for example your traffic is supposed to increase in a way that it is bound to. Your email is also going to contribute in gathering the traffic for you because your personal domain name is being used in the email account that is hosted by you. When people will get plenty of information and answer to their every question then they are going to be attracted towards your products and also they are going to tell other to check your services at least once. But you should think sensibly before buying the domain name because half of your traffic is going to relay on that.

What you can get when you are considering the domain names, have a look:

Rights of the name:

When you have the domain name, it is representing your identity like any trade name, brand name or any logo. With the domain name the customers can recognize and they can easily associate positively with the products you are providing or the services.

This is a well known fact that names are issued on the basis of first come and first served. You can get it even if you don’t have any kind of website yet. It is pretty much important for you to get the domain name as soon as possible in order to get the best name. You need to register the name to get the naming rights. Once you are registered with the name that is best for your business then you can prevent somebody to get the same name. Nobody can use the name with which you are registered, that belongs to you and you have all the rights of the name.

Intelligibility and simplicity:

You can easily access the World Wide Web by using or entering your specific domain name. You can easily remember the name of your domain and can access it without having any problem. If your domain name is you can easily search it down by only typing ABCgarments.

Credibility is added:

Domain name is the first professional image; people will guess your business by the first impression that is the domain name. By looking at the domain name they will get an idea of the company. You have to work for this first impression and you need to get the best domain name for your company.

Multiple email addresses:

You can use multiple email addresses with the help of your domain name, for example, sales@ABCgarments, manager@ABCgarments etc.


If you want to change the service provider that is a real hassle if you are not having your domain name. The internet address is tied to the service provider and it is changed once you change service provider. If you are having your own domain name you can avoid that hassle and you can have the permanent internet address that is pretty much helpful. You will not have to worry about changing the service providers as the address will remain the same.

It is a vital step to register your domain name for the organization or business, as the internet growth of your business is imperative in any case even if you feel that it is not important. Internet growth rate is increasing day by day and you can reach your customers without having any kind of problem.

When you register your domain name it will allow you to secure your unique identity on the internet among your competitors and you can reach many available opportunities in this way.