GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak 2018 – Surprising Results

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak 2018 – Surprising Results Saima Salim 3:05 pm

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During the previous few years, the number of internet host companies has grown significantly. As a result, web developers have a difficult time selecting among the numerous choices.

Besides the content and your designing skills, choosing a reliable hosting company is essential to the success of your website. In fact, the hosting company that you choose is greatly responsible for the security of your website, its performance, and uptime.

Web developers of Pakistan often opt for GoDaddy as their domain registrar. GoDaddy is one of the leading names of the industry. With data center situated in Arizona, GoDaddy provides services to more than 17 million customers worldwide. In 2013, it was reported that GoDaddy is the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world – four times larger than their closest competitor.

However, many industry experts recommend seeking hosting from a company that provides services from a locally available server. Apart from faster loading web pages, representatives from a locally owned company will be more at your assistance during technical difficulties. Since language barriers are limited– web developers will have an easier time resolving website errors with a company that has servers located in Pakistan.

In this guide, we will compare GoDaddy with Hostbreak. As we are all aware, GoDaddy is the king of hosting. On the other hand, Hostbreak has the advantage of being operational in all major cities of Pakistan. It offers reliable service, similar to that of GoDaddy.

The GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak comparison compares the two hosting providers side by side and selects a winner based on performance, uptime, customer support, price, and many other features. Read on to select the best from the rest.

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – Price

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Price is the prime factor when selecting a hosting company. However, it is difficult to compare both the services as they frequently run discount offers for their valuable customers. For example, Hostbreak is currently offering three-month free hosting for WordPress users (click here for more information).

Moreover, both the companies offer different tier packages for the users ranging from basic to pro. Here is a brief breakdown of the services they offer.


  • Personal – 629 per month
  • Business – 1,099 per month
  • Business Plus – 1639 per month

A one-month trial offer is also available for the interested web developers.


  • Personal – 162 per month
  • Standard – Rs. 300 per month
  • Business – 600 per month
  • Corporate – 1200 per month

Hostbreak also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with the experience. Moreover, clients also receive one-free month on the purchase of services from Hostbreak. Click here to find out more about the offer.

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – Performance

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A hosting company’s primary job isn’t just to hold your website. It is to provide your data quickly to any browser that requests them.

In the case of GoDaddy and Hostbreak, both the brands offer 99.9% uptime. Additionally, their service is guaranteed which means that you, the user receives a refund if their web servers are not available 99.9% of the time.

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – the User interface

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GoDaddy uses Cpanel – the most used control panel. It is easy to use and provides one-click installation for users who are new to the website building industry.

Hostbreak, on the other hand, utilizes the Plesk control panel for it’s Windows hosting plans. Its user-friendly interface and the wide set of features has helped many admins over the past years. Consumers also prefer the control panel due to its tidier and sleeker GUI.

Although it is similar to the new kid on the block, the Plesk control panel has the edge over the industry for providing the best features with enhanced security.

Additionally, Hostbreak offers the industry standard Cpanel for Linux web hosting plans.  This enables users to build their website with complete control and manage. Click here to see a demo of the control panels offered by Hostbreak.

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – bandwidth

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You must have noticed many hosting companies offering unlimited bandwidth. However, they are not unlimited and come with their own set of rules and regulations.

Both the GoDaddy and Hostbreak offer “unmetered bandwidth” in all their plans. The “unmetered” is similar to the unlimited clause. However, the companies claim that they don’t bother their customers as long as their website bandwidth and usage complies with the rules and regulations of their hosting agreements. Moreover, they may be able to force you to upgrade if they find that your website usage is comprising the stability and performance of their servers.

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – Domain name

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GoDaddy offers the users a free domain name on the purchase of annual plan in all their packages. However, Hostbreak waivers here and provides the users with a free domain in packages higher than their standard package. For the users of their standard package, the cheapest option – the domain name costs around Rs. 280.

However, let’s suppose your domain name expires and you wish to renew it using the same hosting company naturally.  For this advantage, GoDaddy charges approximately $20 (Rs.2,000) as renewal charges whilst Hostbreak provides users re-subscription as per the average industry charge – $13.00 (Rs. 1300).

Web developers usually give preference to Hostbreak due to the long-term affordability it offers. Read reviews by previous customers of Hostbreak here and see what they have to say!

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – the Security

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A secured website is very important. Just imagine, investing a lot of money, time, and effort in your website and all goes in the drain when the number of simultaneous guests starts increasing. A secure website host will ensure that no viruses get into your system and email/ad spamming is kept to the minimum.

Simply put, a safe hosting will keep your data safe from frauds and keep the servers running regardless of the scenario.

When it comes to the hosting companies – GoDaddy and Hostbreak – we can expect similar safety protocols from both. Hostbreak and GoDaddy both claim to conduct malware scan regularly, regardless of the number of pages. Additionally, both the brands have boasted a unique feature of auto malware removal that ensures a bug-free website at all times.

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – Customer support

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Before investing in a hosting company, it is best to find out the support the company will provide. Most companies offer 24/7 support. However, the response time of the service, their knowledge, and answer according to the priority are some of the determining factors of a hosting company.

Ask any hosting company and they will agree that technical difficulties in a website are a common occurrence. Nevertheless, when the time comes for you to seek technical assistance, you should not feel that you are being pushed to the side. In fact, the customer support team should give priority to each and every client they encounter with – regardless of the value of their issue.

As we all know, GoDaddy is the undisputed king of the domain registration industry. And it would not be where it is now without a solid customer support team. GoDaddy features a ticketing system as well as live chat that enable users to have their issues resolved within minutes.

On the contrary, Hostbreak is a relatively new addition to the industry. Luckily, being a local company, the hosting brand features exceptional customer support to the users. Besides being responsive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – the company features a call back service where you can ask the support team any query you have regarding the Hostbreak packages. Click here to receive a call back from Hostbreak.

GoDaddy vs. Hostbreak – Consumer’s feedback

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Reading up the customer’s reviews and testimonials before signing up for a hosting account is essential. This gives the potential consumers a better idea of how the hosting works for real users like them.

GoDaddy, being the pioneer of the industry has comparatively more users than Hostbreak. Consumers who have been using their service for the past few years have claimed satisfaction regarding the features provided by them. However, clients have complained of being overcharged than the said amount along with poor customer support service.

On the other hand, Hostbreak is just starting out in the competitive industry. Initiated in 2001, the company has made a good reputation for itself by offering exceptional customer service to all their users. The current clients of the company have all expressed good views regarding Hostbreak and commented that their setup process is very easy to comprehend. Users also claim of not experiencing any downtime with the company and highly recommend it to others.

Conclusion – Which one is the best between GoDaddy and Hostbreak?

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During our review, we found a minimal difference between the features and the plans of both the hosting companies. However, the customer support team, performance, and goodwill of both the companies showed a noticeable difference.

Although GoDaddy has been in the market for a longer time, we conclude our review by recommending Hostbreak as a superior domain registration company. When it comes to client support, performance, ease of use, and reliability – we go with Hostbreak over all the others in the industry. Moreover, the company has an upper hand for being a local company and providing users with support in the native language.

Below is a quick review of why we prefer Hostbreak:

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Money back guarantee
  • Constant uptime of 99.99% according to our testing
  • Benefits of providing users with a Plesk control panel that is more efficient than the traditional Cpanel
  • High-security protection
  • free migration
  • Faster and more reliable than other hosting companies

To find out more about Hostbreak, click here or get a free callback from their representative.

Check out the Linux Reseller Hosting Plans offered by Hostbreak here.

To see the Fast Web Hosting Plans by Hostbreak, click here.

Hostbreak also offers several discount packages. Get your coupon codes here to avail the offers.





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