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Maintaining your own server for your games seems good but there are many inherent flaws in this approach. Building your own server and related infrastructure is very costly and you will not be able to provide robust internet connection required for gaming. If your games are compatible with Windows, then get Windows VPS hosting from HostBreak and enjoy unmatched latency rate. All of our VPS servers have SSD drives, super-fast uplinks and you can upgrade your uplinks anytime to unmetered bandwidth at fraction of cost. Here are few popular gaming rigs which are hosted on our servers:

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK_LOGOArk: Survival Evolved is one of the most famous commonly hosted game on Windows VPS. This is a community game in which you are in a hypothetical situation of being wandering on a prehistoric island. How much prehistoric? Just back in the time of taming and riding dinosaurs. The main idea of this game is you need to survive on an island full of dinosaurs. You will create an ecosystem with the tools and level-up rewards for surviving on this island. Host this game on our servers and play it with your gaming fellows whenever you want.


file (1)This is the most widely played 3D game in the world and we have seen an increased number of Windows VPS deployed for this game over the years. In this game, you will build different structures using the materials you have mined during the game. The best thing about this game is it’s not processor-intensive so you can host it on mini platforms. Most of our users get basic Windows VPS hosting plan and add in the unmetered bandwidth option. When you choose HostBreak for hosting Minecraft, you will get unrivaled connectivity for your gaming passion.

Medal of Honor

file (2)Since the early 2000s, there are several variations of this game have been played on VPS. The main credit goes to a group of hardcore gaming enthusiasts who have kept the interest alive by hosting this game on Windows VPS. As its comparatively older game, it is also not very resource-intensive. We provide instant provisioning for our Windows VPS hosting plans so you don’t have to wait for installing your game server software.

Just sign up with your dream web hosting package and start playing with your peers. Self-hosting gives you headaches but getting Windows VPS hosting from HostBreak will save you from all the troubles and you will really enjoy your gaming passion.

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