How to Get Windows VPS Hosting for Your Website

windows vps hosting

You will find number of options available in web hosting like shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. Shared hosting is least costly among all of these because a single server caters needs of multiple users. A specific amount of storage is assigned to each user but this option has few drawbacks as with the increasing traffic, server’s performance is compromised. With dedicated hosting, you will get all resources of a server which means optimal performance and speed but this is the most expensive form of web hosting. The VPS hosting is the latest type of web hosting which combines full control and functionality of dedicated server but at a reduced cost. In this type a physical server is divided in number of virtual servers with each part providing performance like dedicated server. VPS hosting offers number of features like SSH access and personalized firewalls. You can choose between Linux and Windows VPS hosting. Follow these steps to get Windows VPS hosting for your website.

  1. Choose a domain name for your website, if you don’t have one. There are many web hosting companies which offer free services for checking availability of that domain name.
  2. Use ”Windows VPS hosting” like search queries in search engine. It will provide you list of web hosting companies offering VPS hosting. Check what features they offer and at what cost. Make an estimate of your required bandwidth and storage. Select a Linux of Windows VPS hosting plan which suits your needs and sign up for it.
  3. Check your email inbox which you have used for signing up for the plan after making payment as the web hosting company will send you login details to this account.
  4. Use these details for logging in to your VPS provider’s website. You will need to set some configurations for your plan and website.
  5. Choose desired server specification.
  6. Use your Linux or Windows VPS for hosting multiple websites. You can host single website or multiple website by dividing it into smaller parts. It is entirely up to you.
  7. Note the respective IP addresses of each website when you are hosting multiple websites as they will display on the dashboard. In case of single website, you will get single IP address.

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