How To Work With WHM As A Hosting Reseller? (Part 1)

When you purchase shared hosting plan, you get cPanel to handle your website and perform tasks like editing files, setting up databases and creating email addresses. Web hosting company manages all of the cPanel through Web Host Manager (WHM). It enables company to have administrative access to the back end of cPanel. It is also provided to a Linux reseller hosting account holder. In reseller hosting, you can allocate your server resources to different websites the way you want or start a web hosting company. It is more affordable and secure than having multiple shared hosting accounts.


Benefits of WHM

Whether you own few websites with heavy traffic and large resource consumption or large number of websites, you can effectively manage them with WHM. It also gives you opportunity to sell hosting services, create and manage many cPanel accounts. Following are other reasons to have WHM:

  • If you own multiple websites with multiple shared accounts, it’s really cumbersome to manage different cPanel but when you have reseller account then it’s really easy and cost-effective to manage all of your cPanel accounts through single WHM.
  • WHM increases privacy of your as no one can identify that different cPanel are controlled by same WHM account.
  • When one of your website is under hacking threats, your other websites are potentially safe from that threats.
  • Managing multiple domains with single cPanel is very unpleasant experience and it gets worse if you need to regularly update those domains. But this is not the case if you are using WHM.
  • WHM allows you to monitor and adjust your bandwidth and disk space which ultimately cut costs.

Functions of WHM

Following are the functions of WHM:

  • You can create, suspend and delete cPanel accounts
  • Management and monitoring of websites
  • Management of your domains DNS zone
  • Check server status and information
  • Helps in branding your own reseller hosting
  • Management of client domain names and usernames
  • Change everything which does not require SQL access

How to Access your WHM Account?

Now you clearly have an idea that WHM is crucial for managing your Windows or Linux reseller hosting account, we will tell you how to access your account.

  • You can access your account by using either 2086 port for unencrypted connection or 2087 port for encrypted connections in the following manner: ,
  • You can also use the default service name ( which will redirect you to the actual port.
  • You can also log in to main cPanel account and click on the WHM icon at the bottom for accessing WHM administration panel.

These are different ways to access your account. If you want all of the above mentioned benefits then get Linux Reseller hosting from HostBreak. We offer flexibility, reliability, affordability and a lot of free features with our reseller hosting plans.. Our next blog posts will be about how to create accounts using WHM. Stay in touch with our blog.