How To Work With WHM As A Hosting Reseller? (Part 4)

We have started this series of blog posts so you can take maximum benefits from your reseller account. Whether you own multiple websites or want to start a web hosting company, either way reseller hosting will cater your needs effectively and without additional cost. In previous post “How To Work With WHM As A Hosting Reseller? (Part 3)“, you have learned how to log in to your WHM, how to create a hosting package and a hosting account. Now, you will learn some of the other features offered by WHM like how to track status of your server. For accessing the ”Server Status” section, you need to follow this path: Main >> Server Status >> Service Status.

Following are different daemons which help you to check important aspects of server status:

  • Cpdavd Daemon: This was introduced in cPanel 11 for mounting the home directory on the user’s personal computer. User can access his files and content anytime.whm
  • Cpsrvd Daemon: It is cPanel service daemon. It’s main task is start,stop or restart the cPanel software, in other words keep it in running condition.
  • Exim and exim-26 daemon: This is Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) of the server. It’s main function is to direct the received and sent emails of the server.
  • IMAP daemon: This daemon is basically a Courier IMAP server service which offers IMAP access to Maildir mailboxes.
  • Interval daemon: There are different crons working on the server and this daemon ensures they are running.
  • MySQL daemon: This daemon works in the background and handles databases of the server. It ensures smooth communication between the MySQL RDBMS (relational database management system), PHP and Apache.
  • Named daemon: It’s main function is to properly convert IP address to domain name by reading DNS zones.
  • Syslogd daemon: It handles server, system and cPanel service logging. Logs of all common services of the server are distributed by this daemon.
  • Server Load: It shows the current load on server.
  • Memory Used, Swap Used and Disk Usage statuses: These are all related to memory, swap memory and disk usage stats.

Hopefully, now you will be capable of handling your WHM. All of these features you have learned are basic tasks which can be done with WHM. HostBreak makes your reseller hosting easy and affordable. You can contact our customer care team if you are facing any issues. Check our website to compare reseller hosting plans and choose the one according to your needs.