Increase In Domain Prices

Dear Customers,

We have always tried to give best services in affordable prices. We have been providing domain registration and transfer in very affordable prices, keeping very low margin. Verisign had raised domain prices in February 2012 and we had then decided not to raise the price for our customers. But keeping in view operational costs with domains we are forced us to raise domain registration prices of .com, .net and .org domains. The new prices will be effective from 7th october,2012.

You have a couple of days to register or renew your domains on old prices. After two days, your domains will be registered or renewed at new prices. Renewal of domain before time does not waste your money. It simply adds one more year to your domain expiry date. For instance, if your domain expiry date is 1st Dec, 2012 and you renew your domain today, it will change your expiry date to 1st Dec, 2013.

We are always willing to keep our clients satisfied by providing quality services in affordable prices. If you are unhappy with our services, please let us know so that we may rectify the situation immediately.

Following are the modified prices that will be applicable from 7th of October, 2012:

  • .com domain registration $12.5 / year or PKR 1000 / year
  • .net domain registration $12.5/ year or PKR 1000 / year
  • .org domain registration $12.5 / year or PKR 1000 / year

Thankyou for being a HostBreak customer.

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