Internet Rush Hour – The Slow Loading Issue


For every commuter rush hour can be a headache as it can turn a 20 minute ride to hours long waiting. Regardless of the vehicle side, it can happen anytime in week days. This can also happen on internet and known as Internet rush hour which can lead to slow loading speeds. This phenomena occur when people use internet simultaneously on weekdays and weekends. Internet is congested from 7-9PM during weekdays and 11AM to 11PM during weekends. During this time you can face slow loading speeds even for browsing sites. Who is to blame for this congestion? End users or websites? Nah! Internet infrastructure is the main culprit. The only solution to avoid internet rush hour is to use dedicated server hosting.

netflixNetflix is one of the most blamed companies for slow loading speed. This company is related to media streaming and you can watch different videos, TV series, movies and documents on monthly payments. Netflix has deployed different internet companies like Cogent Communications for providing bandwidth to its heavy traffic. Cogent is using ISPs for distributing equal amount of data sent between each company. But ISPs blame Cogent for driving more traffic and not willing to pay for upgrading the infrastructure either. Netflix has an ISP speed index and a fiber connection receives only 3.43Mbps according to this index. As this issue is not going to be resolved in the near future, it will be on forefront of the technological future.

Unlike a decade earlier when people were just browsing sites, now most of the people are streaming larger amount of data especially high quality video but the current internet infrastructure is not ready to handle it. May be the internet users who want to stream videos and episodes are using the same road you are using for some online shopping or paying bills on weekends. So it’s highly recommendable for those websites which deal with audio/video streaming or heavy traffic to use dedicated server hosting.

Combating with rush hour can become lot more easily if your website is powered by dedicated server hosting. So get your dedicated hosting package now from HostBreak and provide your customers the VIP treatment they deserve.

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