Is Your Website Safe From Security Threats?

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You have registered your domain and found web hosting in Pakistan for your website but your task has not been done yet. As being online means you are facing different security issues, risks and threats. Not only you need to know about them about also you need to know what factors make your website and attractive or likely target. This is a common misbelief that small businesses do not face threats from attackers and hackers. This blog post will prove this assumption plain wrong.

Types of Security Risks

As the technology is evolving fast as the like way the threats which seek to compromise it. There are over 59,000 known information security threats included in the Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures database and in this list 500 are related to just Apache. A security breach may have one of the following four goals:

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● Gaining database access and theft of personal or sensitive data
● Changing what users view by altering website code
● Intercepting personal and sensitive data
● DDoS attack


Why Security Attack Happen?

There are number of motivations for attacking a website like gaining very specific personal information, facilitating a potential attack on a larger website, altering a popular or well protected website. Here are few things which can encourage a security attack:

1- Precious Data and Information

Value of information increases likely risk of security breach. For example if your database have sensitive and financial personal information which can lead to fraud, this make your database attractive to your customers. Even very basic personal information can be helpful in spreading malware or disrupt your services. This kind of threat can be eliminated by using PCI compliance. HostBreak not only offers ecommerce web hosting in Pakistan but also provides PCI compliance.

2- Industrial and Political Intelligence

May be your information is not valuable or important for fraudsters but it can be helpful to your competitors or even other governments. Stolen information can give your company’s intelligence, confidential files or emails. If your company is in proprietary intelligence or code field, you could be an excellent target for security breach.

3- Being an Easy Target

The SMB’s which do not pay adequate attention towards their security are easiest targets for security threats and risks. This behaviour can lead to XSS (cross-site scripting), SQL injection, directory traversal and insecure server configuration. When companies interact with their customers through social media, customers can become a victim of phishing scams or malwares.

4- Springboard Attacks

Your small business website can be used to attack larger organizations to which you are a supplier through ‘springboard’ attacks. They can steal personal information related to your larger customers to create an email targeting one of the employee of that company or they can install a malware on the computers of targeted organization.

5- Non-financial Motivation

For some hackers hacking is a sport and they take challenge in hacking well protected websites and also websites which have enemies are a popular target. For example a website of a political party is always under threat by rival parties.

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Before choosing a company of web hosting in Pakistan, you should ask and understand about security measures provided by the web hosting company. We not only offer optimal security against all threats but also provide SSL certificate and PCI compliance for ecommerce website.[/box]

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