Linux Is Ideal For Cloud

Cloud hosting is clinux cloud server hostingonsidered next big thing in hosting arena. In this type of hosting, servers are located at different data centers in different locations and the best thing is you will pay only for the consumed resources. Cloud servers can use
Windows and Linux both as operating systems. However, Linux is more preferred by web hosting companies due to number of benefits. You can customize this platform to fulfill your needs and take advantage of its extensive application pool. It is power efficient and you don’t need to re-train your staff as most administrators and developers already have common skills related to Linux. Above all, Linux supports virtualization.

Customizable According to Your Needs
Cloud servers are highly customizable and offer economies of scale. They need high quality hardware, storage devices and networking. Linux kernel is adaptable to any computing environment and can be used as OS for any device. This level of compatibility and the fact that developers can change its core to suit servers needs, is the reason behind preference given to Linux.

Extensive Application Catalogue
Linux users have thousands and thousands of compatible applications which can fulfill every kind of work related demands. This extensive application pool can be used in cloud hosting. Linux is first choice of cloud server providers as it’s an open source, high quality and used everywhere. This means if you are choosing Linux platform, you have direct access to Linux huge application catalogue.

Linux is Power Efficient
Linux cloud servers cut cost as they are power efficient. Detailed research has been made in reducing total power consumption. There are number of projects like tickless kernel for making Linux more power efficient than its competitor OS. These efforts are making Linux cloud hosting economical for the users.

Linux is Secure
Other OS which are used by web hosting providers for on cloud servers are not as secure as Linux. Arrow shield comes as a standard on Linux cloud servers. This shield is best in intrusion detections and providing security against multiple threats.

Compatibility with CMS
Website development and maintenance is lot more easier with CMS. There are hundreds of open source CMS are available for users which can be used for blog sites, ecommerce and forums. Linux is perfect for CMS hosting as number of CMS come pre-installed in its cPanel. You are just one click away from desired CMS.

Supports Virtualization
Virtualization facilitates cloud platforms. It helps in abstracting operating system or apps from the underlying platform. Linux offers stable and secure virtualization platform. There are wide array of virtualization technologies available for Linux users.

All these features make Linux best operating system for cloud computing. HostBreak offers Linux cloud hosting with user friendly cPanel. Given bellow are the cloud hosting features offered by us!

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