Linux – The most Secure and Reliable OS for your Websites

The first thing after getting your own private server is selecting an appropriate operating system for it. To select the best and the most suitable operating system for your website, you have to get information about the different kinds of OS. In the web hosting world, two of the operating systems are very popular that are Windows and Linux. Usually Windows hosting is more common than the Linux but as the time goes on people would realize that advantages of the Linux hosting is far more than the Windows hosting. It will be better to choose the more advance and equipped operating system for your websites which gives you extra benefits in low cost. Linux is free to obtain by any website while the Windows products are costly.

Linux is basically a free and open source operating system which is based on Unix and supports a variety of hardware platforms and programs. Linux web hosting is basically effective for those websites which have Linux OS. But Linux web hosting can be ran on the Windows OS also. The Linux hosting is best for those who are using the Linux hosting features such as Perl programming, PHP and MySQL database. You can easily run Linux on different CPUs as it easily supports the multiprocessor machine. The Windows licensees only allow you to install it on a single computer. On the other hand the Linux is being installed in a number of computers without any license limit and without paying a single penny.

Why to Select Linux over Windows?

Linux also provides full-proof and excellent security services to your websites as compared to Windows. The Linux has the ability to protect your websites from any external hazard or dangerous viruses or spyware. While in Windows hosting you have to pay extra amount to get the virus security shield. Linux will automatically scan all the incoming objects from threatening viruses. The Linux also offers services for Linux shared server hosting and Linux dedicated server hosting. It means that the websites have the option to choose the hosting service according to there budget and cost and it can easily handle the large traffic websites. Linux is also very compatible and reliable with the other software and operating system. You can easily run the Linux hosting website on any other operating system very feasibly. Linux hosting gives your websites a number of attuned and cost-effective options.

Linux web hosting

Linux is very easy to operate. The procedure of its uploading and working is very simple just like that of Windows. It gives your websites more security, authenticity, stability, scalability and accuracy in every aspect. Linux hosting will give your websites unlimited and infinite resources with countless benefits and advantages. It really helps you to build a strong web business setup as it gives you full support and assistance in this regard. The cost-effective aspect of Linux is very favorable for the small business websites as there owners can’t afford Windows because of its high cost. Linux is a free and open source OS which is completely suitable for every type of hosting and websites.