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Web world run on servers. Server is the backbone of the World Wide Web which runs your websites and online business. The people who are connected to the web business have familiar of all kinds of servers and there pros and cons. Like other things, there are also different kinds of servers are available and you have to choose the correct one for your website according to your need, requirements and budget. The terms dedicated server and shared server are two of the most renowned names in the server world. Understating of these specific terms will be very helpful for you in running your online business and in selecting a suitable web hosting server for you.

Previously shared servers are very much admired by the people and they select the shared web hosting services for their websites in which they have shared all the resources along with the space and bandwidth with the other websites. The shared server hosting is ideal for the websites which are only receiving small or medium range traffic. They have to utilize only the allotted bandwidth, no matter how big or small Random Access Memory (RAM) is being owned by there server. You are only allowed to use the limited amount of resources which you have got after paying the money.

Why to Choose Dedicated Server Hosting over Shared Server Hosting?

Dedicated servers are completely different from the shared servers. The dedicated server is an individual server which will only controlled and owned by a single owner. It is not shared with anyone. Dedicated server is excellent for those popular and complex websites who are receiving a large range of traffic daily. Dedicated server hosting gives you unlimited space, bandwidth and resources. But dedicated server is quite expensive than the shared and VPS server hosting and you can only afford it if you have a big budget web business. Once you will log on to the dedicated server from shared server, you will feel the incredible difference among the web hosting services of both of them. Dedicated server gives you much better security, high speed processing power, excellent RAM and incredible bandwidth. You have to be aware of the specific technical skills and techniques to administer, manage and control the dedicated server. Because if you are not aware of the technical aspects of the server than you will not handle it properly. There are fully managed dedicated hosting plans are available but they are very costly and beyond the financial range of even big budget web companies.

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While using shared server, there is a risk for the websites of being blacklisted by the search engines because as you have shared the server with some other websites and any of the person from that website may involve in any kind of spamming and your entire server will be blacklisted because of this. Dedicated server hosting gives you 100% security from any kind of spamming or any external threat and provides you safe and secure web hosting server facilities. You can also add your preferred programs, applications, and scripts on the dedicated sever feasibly as it offers high level scalability, flexibility and authenticity.

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