London Olympics 2012 Apps

London Olympics

London Olympics

Adobe Systems and the NBC network have teamed up to offer viewers an enhanced mobile experience of the Olympic Games through two apps. Directly connected to social media, the apps offer live-streaming and recording for later viewing as well as extra content. Both apps launched on July 12 and are available on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch in the App Store, select Android devices, and phones through Google Play.

The live-streaming app, called NBC Olympics Live Extra, allows the user to stream all 32 Olympic events and view all medal awards. The idea behind the app, which has been under development by Adobe since January, is to take advantage of advanced technology and bring the Games to as many viewers as possible. Some tennis and gymnastic events will be available through more than one stream. Anyone who uses the app will need a telecom, satellite or cable television service to access most of the content offered through Live Extra. This is accomplished through using Adobe Pass, which is available through all United States providers.

The NBC Olympics app (not to be confused with the Live Extra app above) will offer real-time results, highlights and news to those following the Games. It will not have live-streaming capability.

Both apps were brought to life through the use of Adobe Creative Suite 6 for the design elements and Adobe AIR, which handles content delivery and playback of video. The Live Extra streaming app requires users to authenticate themselves. This part is done by Adobe Pass.

The apps will aim for a balance between content and advertising, and both will offer interest-based customization for the user. There is a built-in schedule of events and integrated social media for ease of sharing. Advertising has been set up, so it will seem more like a television experience than a mobile one.

Streaming the Olympic Games is a big step for NBC, which has avoided the practice in the past in order to keep television advertising revenue strong. The network acknowledged the need for mobile access and looked at the Olympics as an “unprecedented opportunity” to move ahead

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