Massive Multiplayer Online Games and Dedicated Server Hosting

There was a time when you used to play games individually unless you got two gaming controllers. But technology has totally changed the gaming world. Now it’s quite lucrative global business with $91.5 billion dollar-a-year earnings. Men and women are playing with each other without any border limitations. Graphic designers are specializing in this field and kids are aspiring for a career in gaming industry. MMOGS or massive multiplayer online games are the real ”game changers”.1_mmog_logo_-_black

What are MMOGs?

By installing or purchasing a MMOG or Massive Multiplayer Online Games you are allowed to play these game through internet. This connectivity enables multiple players to play these games at once. This expansive gaming world is powered by a hosting structure which comprised of a client and a server. Your computer and gaming software are the client and the hosting is provided by HostBreak or some other company like us. Both of these work together to coordinate the flow of data that you require to play MMOGs. Playing MMOGs is different from other computer game as it only needs your computer for running but for these games you need a lot of processing power.

Which Hosting Type is Best for MMOG?

Your gaming will seem glitchy if you don’t have enough power to receive data and send data to other follow players. In gaming world, latency rate is a vital factor in losing or winning a game. MMOG uptime is dependent on a fast and reliable web hosting infrastructure. Anything less than that is not acceptable in gaming world. So here are few elements which are essential for MMOG

  • Latency rate and simultaneous transfer of data to all players so that all gamers have an equal advantage
  • You need CDN for replicating data so your fellow gamers don’t have to wait for their data to transmit to a location in a different continent.
  • MMOGs uses data-heavy graphics so you need lots of bandwidth.

HostBreak can help you in your gaming adventures.

Get Dedicated Server Hosting from HostBreak

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