Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Company (Part 1)

When you are about to start you business online, first important consideration is to get web hosting for your website. There are number of companies which are offering web hosting in Pakistan. But what are the qualities which make a web hosting company a great company? We have compiled a list of qualities so you can make an informed decision:


Guaranteed Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important factor when you are looking for a good web hosting company. It is the measure of the total time in percentage when your website is up and running. Uptime should be close to 100% as search engine ranks higher those websites which are most of the time available to the visitors. Good web hosting companies not only promise and deliver nearly 100% uptime but also offer following add ons:

  1. They have duplicate servers at the same data center which kick in when your server is down.
  2. They also offer duplicate servers at different data centers in the same country or different continent which come handy in case of any natural disaster.
  3. If they fail to provide promised uptime, they will compensate you for the losses.

We, at HostBreak, knows how much important uptime is for your website that’s why we offer 99.99% guaranteed uptime. You cannot find any other company of web hosting in Pakistan which will offer you this uptime.

Loading Speed

Loading and functioning speed of your website is critical for retaining customers and visitors. Good companies strive hard for maximizing the speed of their hosted websites but also:

  1. Offer server with solid state drives as these are much faster than traditional hard drives
  2. Increase resources available to the websites in shared hosting by limiting the number of websites per server
  3. Create a cache of unchanged parts of your website so server can load website much quickly

We offer state-of-the-art servers with SSD and caching so your website loading speed is faster than before.

Security of Your Website

Security of your website is the most important factor when you are searching for a good web hosting provider. A regular web hosting company will offer standard security measures but a good company will offer ultimate security with following features:

  1. Automated malware scan will send you an alert of the forthcoming danger to your website.
  2. CloudFlare integration not only offers security but also other useful features.
  3. Firewall management enables you to configure and manage your own firewall.

HostBreak offers all the needed security for your website, which is unmatched by any provider of web hosting in Pakistan.

Customer Support

Maintaining an online business becomes stress free when you know you will get necessary support in case of hosting issues. Good hosting company not only provides tickets support but also provides you following features:

  1. You have the option of live support like chats and phone calls.
  2. You can get priority support on paying extra charges.
  3. You can look for an answer by searching company’s knowledge database and tutorials.
  4. They also maintain community forums which are best for problem solving and learning.

When you choose our company, you get V.I.P support through emails, chats, calls and Skype so you can rest assure we are there to resolve your issues. In the next post “Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Company (Part 2) , we will explain some other features to look for when you are searching for good a web hosting in Pakistan.