Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Company (Part 2)

Our previous post “Qualities of a Good Web Hosting Company (Part 1)” was about what qualities you should look for while you are searching for good web hosting in Pakistan. We have explained to you different factors related to uptime, speed, security and customer support. Now, we will discuss factors related to quotas, packages and other essential elements which make a hosting company best among the rest.web-hosting-460x261

Quotas Offered With the Packages

Quotas or limitation on available resources play a crucial role in your hosting budget because if you cross your given limits your bill can give you a heartache. Good web hosting companies not only offer you more than your requirements at affordable rates but also offer:

  • Unlimited storage for code, files and database
  • Unlimited sub domains
  • Unlimited FTP accounts

HostBreak is not like other ordinary companies of web hosting in Pakistan as we offer unlimited bandwidth and data transfer even with our basic plans.

Other Offered Add-ons

Following are other add-ons offered by a good web hosting company:

  • There are many events which can cause data loss of your website like human error, hacking attack and many others. Backup is like taking insurance of your website and a good web hosting company offers you this insurance without added cost.
  • Good web hosting company offers domain privacy and anti-spam measures so your email inbox is secure from spams.
  • When you want to host an ecommerce store, then privacy and security of your customers personal information should be your first priority. Here, Single Socket Layer (SSL) or its successor Transport Layer Security (TLS) comes handy. A good web hosting company offers variety of SSL certificates so you can choose what serves your needs.
  • You will get easy installation of blogs, shopping carts, forums and much more through Softaculous. All of these are essential for enhancing functionality of your website.

When you are searching for a good provider of web hosting in Pakistan, then HostBreak should be your choice as we offer regular backups, domain privacy, free SSL certificated with ecommerce hosting and one-click set up for more than 50 apps.

Flexibility of Packages

Every website or business has individual needs and web hosting companies fulfill these needs by offering different types of hosting and packages. But a good hosting company will also offer you:

  • Multiple packages in single type of web hosting like different plans of shared or dedicated hosting with corresponding quotas
  • Allow you to easily upgrade to next level. Your business needs tend to grow likewise your hosting needs that’s why it is essential to easily upgrade to next package.

Choosing our company for web hosting will give you unlimited choice of plans and flexibility to upgrade. We are the pioneer of best web hosting in Pakistan. You will get all the things you need for a stress free, secure and fast hosting. Check our website for further details and if you need further information do not hesitate to contact our customer support.