Shared Hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting? The Dilemma!

shared vs dedicated server

Choosing the right type of web hosting is equally important as choosing the right web hosting company. Mainly there are two types of web hosting: shared and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is the most popular and cheapest whereas dedicated server hosting is the best but most expensive. Both of these types are similar in some ways but differences are more than similarities between these two. Before you make any decision, here is a comparison of both types:

Shared Hosting

shared hostingMost of the beginners’ website and blog owners will opt for shared web hosting as it has low yearly and monthly costs. For a start-up project shared hosting is probably the best choice. In shared hosting, there are multiple users on a single server and all of these are pulling resources from that server. Heavy traffic on one website affects performance of all the websites. There are other limitations as well like you cannot customize the O.S or the firewall and other security features of your account. Shared hosting cannot host certain scripts and applications. Another drawback of this type of hosting is that scripts and applications which consume lots of resources, will slow down the speed of the server.

Dedicated Hosting

dedicated hostingWith dedicated hosting, you get entire resources and full control of the server and it’s up to you how you use them. Either you can host a single website or multiple website. With dedicated server hosting, you can customize the operating system, security, applications and scripts of your server. Hosting companies like HostBreak offer necessary support and maintenance with dedicated hosting plans. This is an ideal solution for large enterprises who need large amount of storage and high bandwidth limits. Websites which experience high traffic will get maximum benefit from shifting to dedicated server hosting. This will enable you to run processor-intensive applications without worrying about resources. This web hosting option is not cheap as shared hosting. But it’s worth it as you will get customized security, latest infrastructure and without interruptions from others.

shared vs dedicated server


Dedicated hosting is much better and different than shared hosting. This type of web hosting means all of the resources are yours without sharing them and you can customize the features the way you want. Your website will load faster and it will positively affect your search engine rankings. HostBreak offers two types of dedicated server hosting: managed and unmanaged hosting. In managed hosting, we will take of your server’s software and infrastructure with best technical support but in unmanaged services you will get root access and take care of the software. Choosing the right plan depends on what you need and what is your budget. You need to calculate your required bandwidth before choosing shared hosting or dedicated hosting by this formula:

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Average number of daily visitors x Average number of page views/visitor x Average page size in KB x number of days in a month = Bandwidth


Can You Afford Dedicated Server Hosting?

Basing your decision merely on the cost of dedicated hosting will be wrong as available features justify it’s cost. Whether you want optimized security for your business or want to cater heavy traffic, dedicated hosting can handle all of these requirements. The best part is your website will not fight for resources with other websites. Following are some reasons to choose dedicated hosting over shared hosting:

  1. When you want exclusive control over the server’s bandwidth
  2. When you are generating revenue of $3,000 or more per month
  3. When continuity of your business depends on specific operating system, scripts, software and application
  4. When you require optimal security

Final Decision

Now, it will be much easier for you to choose between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. You can start with shared hosting and once your website has moderate level of traffic, you can upgrade to dedicated hosting. But when you plan to buy web hosting for a single website or multiple website with traffic volume of 10,000 visitors per day then dedicated server hosting should be your choice. Getting dedicated hosting from HostBreak provides you everything you want but at affordable rates. Click on the bellow buttons for further details.

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