How to Start a Web Hosting Reseller Business in a Few Hours

How to Start a Web Hosting Reseller Business in a Few Hours wpsuperamdin 4:32 pm

If you wish to make Online money, the good news is that there are a huge lot of opportunities available for you and all you have to do as a startup, is to select the area of your expertise and capabilities.

For instance, you are an IT web developer and want to stretch your business a bit more, you should then really consider the web reseller hosting business. And if you still are not familiar how does the online business actually goes, even then, the web reseller hosting business is the best option to pick.  It is only in this business that as a reseller you have the ease of setting your own fee or the product. To make it more clear for you, you need to first understand who can be your potential audience and in this case, it can be the people who have issues while making payments through PayPal.

Knowing that much about the web reseller hosting business, you need to now get a startup and learn where to start from. You can also think about becoming a reseller of the white label where you can make a use of available label hosting companies which gives you a chance to create your own hosting business of white label. These big companies provide you with all the backing in return of a small investment in terms of input and enjoying much greater outcomes.

Here come the steps to start your own web reseller hosting business and domain, and enjoy growing online through reseller club as the major help agent at backend!

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Qualities of the Reseller Club

Here are a few characteristics of the reseller club that will provide an insight about the program, and the features you will get to avail are: selling domains and hostings under your brand, setting prices, avail special promotions, add more sub-resellers and free setup, comfortable-to-use interface and lastly the pricing system is based on the rule; you will earn more money if you sell more domains.

Another important aspect of the web reseller hosting business is that they optimize pages for every country which means your location will never be an issue. The support is phenomenal and after giving their service a try you will yourself recommend it to others.

Following steps will guides what step to take to start your very own web Reseller Hosting business.

Steps to Set up your Web Reseller Hosting Business:

Every country has a page known as the landing page, this page makes sure that there is no issue regarding payment options and localized language. First go on the home page and after signing up for the web reseller hosting business you just need to fill the displayed form. There are a few things you need to look at:

The selling currency: after taking the audience into account, it is ideal to set US dollar as the selling currency, as it is good for the global audience. If you are thinking of doing business with the people of Canada, then for selling currency set CAD as the default.

Accounting currency: You need to set this currency after considering your location, such as people living in Pakistan should go with PKR.

Now that you have filled the form, go to sign up option, then the payment page will appear. You will need to place funds in your account for account activation. The lowest limit is $99 and this money can then be used for web hosting purpose as well. This payment is basically for starting your very own web reseller hosting company. There are several payment options like: Alipay, Skrill, PayPal and WebMoney. The site will also inform you of the payment options that is available for your country. Nevertheless, a person can always use the bank transaction method.

You will be able to start using the reseller control panel as soon as the funds are placed into your account. Now start with brand your own reseller account which involves adding a logo, a domain name and much more.

How to brand your reseller hosting account: After purchasing the account, it is time to begin the branding. You can now see a panel with a lot of options like adding logo and configuring many other options. Let us now take a look at how to set up your reseller account on your domain name. As you are logged into reseller panel, go to the products tab and after that click on the domain registration and after that check availability tab. After searching a domain name for yourself you can buy it. Now create a customer account from the same page as well. As you reach for the final payment, a page will appear where you need to click on the execute the request tab. Then choose the option to execute all the above requests.

And that you have bought the domain name you can start your web hosting. In the end go to “settings” and then the “brand settings” after which click on the super and partner site and lastly click the fully branded name. Now, wait for a whole day for the record to be processed.

One more thing, you will now need to upgrade the name server. For that click on the settings then branded settings after which click the name servers. You will now get an option to choose the name server for your own domain.  Choose a name server from the listed names by going to the domain settings. Thus you can access web reseller hosting account with the chosen domain name. You can also change the logo by going in the “settings” then the “brand settings.”

The control panel has made it easy for anyone who has little technical knowledge. It is even better if you are a designer, as you change the branding and the default look all by yourself. Also if you like you can hire people for customization purposes.

You can also use multiple payment systems. Such as some people use Paypal just because of the payments from their foreign clients. One always has the bank account option to receive direct payments. They possess a knowledge base that helps you learn everything for you to know. It is highly recommended that you make SEO changes for enhancing your selling pages.