Steps to grow your business Online (part 3)

Now, you have learned how to start your website and optimize it for better online shopping experience from our previous post “Steps to grow your business Online (part 2)“, next you need to work on marketing strategy117133_39451y for your website. It should include identifying targeted customers, connecting to people relevant to your industry, email campaigns and advertising.

Define Your Target Audience
First you need to identify your target customers. You cannot wait for your potential customers to come and visit your website. You have to adopt a proactive approach and look for those customers who might be interested in your products. You can use social media statistics and Google keyword planner to know what your customers are searching for. This search helps you in developing an audience for your services and products.

Build Your Network
Professionals related to your industry are very helpful in boosting your brand’s identity. Build your connections with these professionals. This will help you in expanding your brand and your reach to potential customers. One of such popular network where you can find relevant people is LinkedIN.

Run Email Marketing Campaigns
With emails you can target a precise group of people who are actually interested in your products or services. You can send updates about your new products, next sale or coupon code to your customers via email. These emails act like an incentive for coming back. There are many tools available for this particular task like Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Advertise Your Business
Running a paid advertising campaign (PPC) on search engines and social media can helps you to reach people who have relevant interests. This will increase the chance to engage more people and let them know about your business and what it offers.

All these factors help you in reaching your potential customers. HostBreak can help you in marketing your website. We provide Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Our next blog post will be last for this series.