Steps to Start Your Own Windows Reseller Hosting Business

windows reseller hosting

If you want to start your own online business but don’t have huge investment then Windows reseller hosting is ideal for you. In reseller web hosting you don’t have to maintain and manage servers and their infrastructure like other web hosting providers. You will get root access for your reseller account and you can set up, manage and operate the back end of your websites and your clients. We will discuss in this post steps involved in starting your own Windows reseller hosting business.

  1. If you don’t have prior knowledge of web hosting, email accounts and domain services then it’s essential that you should research and understand their basics. If you are a web designer or developer then starting windows reseller hosting gives you full control on your client’s web presence and you can earn some extra money by hosting their sites on your server.
  2. Like any other business, Windows reseller hosting requires some hard work and effort on your part. So you will need:[tie_list type=”checklist”]
    • A reliable and powerful computer or a laptop which will allow you to do your business from multiple locations.
    • Fastest available internet connection.
    • A dedicated phone number and a fax line. It is more preferable to have an internet capable phone.
    • Get a back account with your company name with a debit card.
    • For accepting credit card payment a merchant account and gateway software.
    • A working area in your home or office.[/tie_list]
  3. Choosing the best web hosting provider is the most important step for reselling hosting business. Consider following factors before making a decision:[tie_list type=”checklist”]
    • Check the track record of different web hosting companies by researching online.
    • It should have its own data center as there will be better communication between different departments like accounting, support, security and maintenance. The company will have the ability to monitor and work all the functions so you are saved from wastage of time and frustration.
    • Check all the support options the company offers like email ticketing, live chat and phone support.
    • Check if they offer support for your chosen platform i.e. Windows/Linux.
    • Check if it offers all the web hosting features you need like a good control panel (cPanel/Plesk), WHM/WHMCS and web development tools.
    • It should also offer a manageable plans and easy payment options.[/tie_list]
  4. After choosing a web hosting company, next step is to get a reseller hosting plan based on your budget and the number of customers you want to cater.
  5. Understand how your control panel, email accounts and billing software works.
  6. For setting prices of plans, make a market research so you know how much your competitors charging their customers. You have to offer different plans so cater different needs of the customers.
  7. You need an ecommerce website with a helpdesk for managing your Windows reseller hosting business as it will allow you to take credit card payments.
  8. You need to create business documents like proposals, agreements and terms of services and give them to your lawyer for review. Also create a signup email which will provide your customers information about access codes, URLs, and email information.
  9. Lastly, advertise your business as much as you can.

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