The Evolution Of Cloud

The Evolution Of Cloud wpsuperamdin 4:17 pm

cloud hosting in pakistanAround 100 years ago, cloud was just a visible mass of condensed water, that floated very high above the sea surface, but in 1950s the I.T industry came across a revolutionary idea known as “Cloud Computing”. The main concept was to solve huge problems by dividing the computation load over multiple nodes. Hence, improving the speed, efficiency and reducing the cost by introducing “Pay For What You Use” technique. The idea sounded quite good in theory, but practically there were a lot of questions to be answered. The feasibility, cost benefit analysis and future prospects were still to be figured out but the concept was there to be worked on.

Since then the cloud computing has been the major point of focus for I.T experts and companies. In early 70s, the concept of VMs was introduced which turned out to be a major milestone in development of cloud computing. The VMs made it possible to have multiple nodes, and access them remotely, but then the major area of concern was bandwidth. At that time, the datacenters did not provide high bandwidths and it was not cost effective as well.

In early 90s, the datacenters and ISPs started providing unlimited bandwidth, which was another achievement for the cloud computing. The concept of virtualization was expanded, the storage, software, network resources all were virtualized. The year 2000 turned out to be most significant year in the development of cloud hosting. The .com bubble burst reached its peak in 2000, and business started to revise their business models. The I.T companies surviving the burst started working on cloud and modern virtualization techniques.

Since 2000, a lot of companies have started providing the cloud hosting services. Companies like Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Softlayer and many others have hundreds of datacenters around the globe to support the concept of cloud computing. In Pakistan, the first company to announce cloud services was “Hostbreak Web Technologies” with an idea to bring cloud technology boom in the expanding market of Pakistan. Speed, minimum downtime, cost effectiveness and reliability were the major features which made cloud the most favored approach around the globe. The only risk factor, however, was the security which is being currently worked on. Although reports suggests, 56% of respondents, feel that the cloud is fairly secure at this spur of time.

The experts suggest that majority of businesses will move to cloud hosting till the end of 2020 where SAAS (Software As A Service) witnessing the major development as it is one of the most favored technology for its cost effectiveness. Meanwhile, Hostbreak will keep upgrading the services to latest architectures and keep adapting to latest computing techniques to provide the best and fastest possible services in Pakistan.

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