Infographic – The Facts Behind Today’s Internet Technology

The image particularly highlights how dramatically hosting has changed from the early 1990’s, not only in regards to space, but also in simplicity of access and use. As the graphic details, in 1991, you “needed your own server or computer to host [a] website, but nowadays, you can find web hosts for under you may spend on a coffee in a week”. And while today’s internet users typically upload content as and when they feel like it, 1995’s landscape was a completely different story, with GeoCities limiting you to just 1 MB. But between 1998 and 2008, the average space for storage for a website grew at a meteoric rate, rising from 153MB to 161,000MB.

Unsurprisingly, graphic at the same time details the change towards the cloud. Google searches for ‘web hosting’ are typically decline for years, but ‘cloud hosting’ has been on the rise since a rapid appearance in 2009.

Infographic - web hosting evolution

Infographic – web hosting evolution

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