Tips To Boost Loading Speed of Your WooCommerce Store

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Before we share tips to boost loading speed of your WooCommerce store, first you should know the reasons behind this problem. Here are few reasons which slow your WooCommerce store:

1. Lack of Caching

WordPress and WooCommerce by default directly read all content from the database as there is no caching done in the core. When you have a blog with few posts, you may not notice any loading issues but as soon as you host WooCommerce store with few hundred products, your speed will significantly slow down.

2. Main Culprit – Underpowered Shared Hosting:

WooCommerce is not a processor-intensive beast but it cannot be hosted on basic shared hosting plans. You need to search for a company which is offering specialized WooCommerce hosting. There is no further argument. When you get WooCommerce hosting from HostBreak, you surely get what you pay for. So make yourself a success story and get rid of that basic shared hosting plan which is good for nothing.

3. Bloated WordPress with Bloated Themes and Plugins

WordPress has a worldwide community which is working hard for improving its quality and user-experience. You will find unlimited plugins and themes to customize your store and website. But this temptation can play a havoc to your store. How? There are are number of plugins and themes with code errors, full of bugs and can cause performance issues on your website. So, before installing any plugin or theme check the performance and speed of your website, if after installing you feel performance issues, uninstall it at once.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

You need to remember WordPress can run very fast. But question is how can you get this speed? The answer is simple you need to get managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting from a reliable web hosting company like HostBreak to make this happen. We use hosting infrastructure similar to that used by itself so you can really enjoy the kind of speed has. Regardless of the type of website you want to host, you cannot compromise on its speed and performance.

Behind every successful website, one of the major aspects is its speed. All of the big ecommerce stores like Amazon or eBay have optimal speed and customers never complain about their speed.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Researches have shown, if your website is taking more than 4 seconds to load, you are losing lots of order. And once this is more than 10 seconds, your loss reaches to astonishing 90% of traffic.[/box]

Now think if this is the case with your traffic, how much loss you will face in terms of conversion rates? So make up your mind and get managed WooCommerce hosting to boost speed of your store which will increase conversion rates and your profits. Now, what else you can do for boosting your loading speed?

Minify All the CSS

For this purpose, you need to install either BWP Minify or Better WordPress Minify as these two plugins are the best for WordPress minification.

How to Configure BWP Minify?

 1. Go to ''General Options'' in BWP Minify
 2. Uncheck the box of “Minify JS files automatically” - as with Captiva, it by default minifies all js files so if you leave it unchecked it will lead to site malfunction.
 3. Choose “Minify CSS files automatically?”
 4. Then go to ''Manage enqueued files''
 5. Next, go to “Managed enqueued CSS files”
 6. Add a list of CSS handles which should not be minified in “Styles to NOT minify”
 ● admin-bar
 ● dashicons
 ● layerslider-group-css
 ● cap-captiva
 ● js_composer_front
 ● background-style
 ● aio-tooltip
 ● cap-responsive
 ● ultimate-headings-style
 ● stats-counter-style
 ● info-box-style
 ● timecircle

Check after minification that your site is not facing any issues.

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]And this is done![/box]

If you done these simple settings, you will notice a reduction of 5-6 seconds in loading time. So go ahead and minify!