Tips To Prepare Your Website for Traffic Growth

traffic growth

Making their websites big and popular is an aim of every webmaster but they fail to understand that big and popular websites face number of problems. The biggest problem they confront is the server downtime due to bad choice of web hosting company and type. Most webmasters don’t foresee the future needs of their websites and get web hosting services without any thought or research. In this post, we will analyse what kind of problems can occur and how to avoid them:

Bandwidth Problems

To be honest, every size of website has traffic problems. When they are small, they have shortage of traffic and when their popularity increase, heavy traffic can lead to server breakdown. At the start, bandwidth of 5GB seems enough and a target which is impossible to achieve. But once you cross this limit, you will freak out and read web host terms & conditions related to overage charges. There are some providers of web hosting in Pakistan and in other countries who ask their customers to pre-pay for additional bandwidth, otherwise they shut down websites. In this situation you have to monitor your traffic as they will not warn you in advance. You need to think about future when you hunt for a company of web hosting in Pakistan. You should only pay for the exceeded amount and not to prepay for additional amount.

Updating Problems

The most commonly made mistake done by webmasters as they don’t anticipate their website will grow in terms of web pages. They make no provision of keeping certain features on every single page. You have to plan for the size growth of the website by putting common design elements of your pages in a central location. If you don’t make these changes, updating your website will be a nightmare when your website cross three digit number of webpages.

Reliability of Web Host

This mistake is also very common – choosing any web host without checking consumer feedback or research. Companies which offer cheap web hosting in Pakistan, do not offer competent and technical support you need to solve server and website issues. You will face continuous downtime as they oversell server resources which can cause considerable revenue lost. When your website is small you can use budget hosts but they cannot offer you the scalability you need so search for a reliable web hosting in Pakistan.

All of these issues can be resolved, if you research before choosing a web host. Choose HostBreak Web Technologies to avoid all of these problems. We offer easy scalability of resources so you can upgrade your resources without facing downtime. We have variety of web hosting solutions like shared, cloud, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting in Pakistan. Check our website for more details.