Tools & Features We Offer To Our Linux Reseller Hosting Customers

linux reseller hosting

We welcome you to HostBreak’s family. Your reseller hosting account is set up and now you are ready to start your web hosting business. We provide you all the necessary tools and features for managing your web hosting ventures as a reseller. Following are few of them:

1. WHM/cPanel

Web Host Manager or WHM enables you to manage, maintain or delete cPanel accounts which you create for your end users. It acts like your own web hosting provider. For using this interface, you need to know how to login to WHM. You can access your interface by using this URL:

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You can confirm exact address of your WHM by checking your Linux reseller hosting account welcome email. Enter your username and password for logging in to your interface.


We have configured your Linux reseller hosting account within WHMCS. You can view this, from the start Setup menu, go to Products/ Servers and then select server. We have created a MySQL database according to the ”WHMCS Database Information” you have provided during setting up your Linux reseller account. This database is used for storing all the data of your customers and products.

3. Creating Packages

You can purchase a bulk amount of resources with your reseller account like disk space and bandwidth which you can divide among many individual web hosting accounts. For example, you have ordered for a reseller package with 30GB disk space and 400GB bandwidth then these digits are your limits. You can create as much accounts in this limits as you want. You can mix and match different disk space and bandwidth limits as you desire. First thing to do after setting up your reseller account is to create packages or plans for your future users. A package assigns how much disk space and bandwidth your customer can use. It should be a subset of your actual limits of reseller account so it should be always less than these limits. Smaller accounts enable you to divide your resources limits in many users.

4. Creating Hosting Account

After setting up your account and creating packages, now you have to create new hosting accounts. You can add directly add new accounts from your WHM interface. Go to sections labeled Account Functions at the left side of your WHM , then go to Add a New Account, when you click on this link the right frame will change to a page where you can add a new account.

5. Uploading Your Website

Your need a well-designed website for promoting, advertising and interacting with your web hosting packages. A website is composed of different files like text and multimedia. There are two ways to upload your website on your web host: either you can move it manually or through FTP client. The latter is mostly used as it is time saving and efficient.

6. Managing Your Billing

We will send you automatic invoices for your Linux reseller hosting on the date when you have purchased your account. The billing period depends on your choice i.e. you can choose monthly, bi-annually and annually billing options. You can manage your billing like update your credit card, view invoices, change primary email address through [highlight color=”yellow”][/highlight].

Hopefully, with these features you will be able to take maximum benefit from your Linux reseller hosting account. We offer four different packages with different allocated resources.

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